Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finally starting a blog....

I've been reading peoples blogs for a few years now and finally decided to start one. I decided it would be a good journal, since I don't write in one (sorry mom, you are the best example of a great journal writer) and since I rarely scrapbook anymore, maybe I can keep a family history with this. Better than nothing right?? I've always struggled with whether or not to have a blog, since it is putting yourself out there on the web...I have issues with Ashley on "Myspace" and not sure how differnt this is...she just asked me that and I am not sure....but I feel like it would be that justified? Am I being a hypocrite? Are blogs safe?? So many people have them....I think I will give it a try....

The kids are back in school and we are getting back into a routine. YAH. I forgot how quiet the house is during the day! We had a great summer! Mitch had scout camp, Ashley and I had girls camp, John had priest quorum high adventure and then we all went to Hawaii for 10 days! Hawaii was wonderful...we stayed in a beach house on the North Shore and swam with turtles all day and relaxed on the beach. The kids enjoyed snorkeling, but didn't LOVE it like John and I do. We were a little disapointed with that. We could go all day and they were done in an hour or two. Oh well. But we saw some amazing fish at sharks cove and took some fun underwater photo's.

Mitchell speared a fish! He was so happy! He is sure he would be able to be on Survivor now! Ashley adn I were sure it would take hours and would keep the boys busy...but it only took about 1/2 hour!

Hawaii was a trip we will always remember!
Well, I better get the kids to bed!