Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

We had a great 4th of July! The Sampsons (our old neighbors, who we miss!) asked us if we were having fireworks in our street corner again this year... (we always did them there when they lived next door) we said sure... you bring the fireworks! Dave actually loves fireworks and gets some great ones! We loved having them over... we really do miss them! We invited a few other families to spend the day with us. We had a great time visiting, eating, swimming and celebrating our nations birthday!

Yes, Jeff brought a fire extinguisher! Glad we had it! Tanner did burn his finger pretty good... dang it.

Mitchell had to work and got home in time to do one last roman candle...

We are so lucky to live in this wonderful country! We feel so blessed and are thankful for all those who have fought for our freedoms!

Summer Picnic

We love having summer pool parties! My niece and her husband were in town so we had a little pool party with the fam. I twas great to catch up with them and have an excuse to relax by the pool.

Angela & Shawn

Baby Jack got a hold of a chocolate chip cookie! He LOVED it!

Afton with her Popsicle! The pool is a perfect place to eat one!

My brother Scott and his cute family!

We got out the water camera... the kids had a great time with it!
The love birds....

Grandma Barnes came to spend the first weekend in July with us. We had a great time with her!
Grandma enjoying a Popsicle.

Jack and daddy...


Ashley & Tanner

Mitchell loves his Afton!

Nice pose Mitchell!

Tanner taught Grandma Barnes how to play on the Wii. She loved it! I think she even beat him in bowling a few times!
Happy Summer!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


so, i really need to update my blog... lots of fun things to blog about. But i have been working again this week and i am so tired. I promise to do it soon. Maybe I need a deadline... how about by Friday. So have patience with me till Friday... (if you want a sneak peak, be sure to go to my facebook photo's and you can see my fabulous trip to the beach and our 4th of july festivities...

and you should be excited... Tanner is writing his own post about scout camp... all i can say is that I have no idea how the boy got straight A's this semester...

good night.