Monday, May 14, 2012

Student Council Awards

Tonight was the end of the year student council awards banquet. Mitchell has loved being on the student council! I was in student council in high school! I am so happy that my kids have followed my footsteps! It makes high school so fun!! Mitchell was the 2nd vice president on the Executive Board.

Mitchell giving Chad things that will help him next year. He is taking his spot.

The E- Board
Ben Williams, Jessica Wilcox, Nicholle Leeming, Lorenzo Hart, 
Mitchell, Caroline Thorley and Stephanie Williams

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Mitchell and Hunter Clark

Mitchell got a special award for being on S.C for all 4 years with an A in the class.

Mitchell and Mr. Kalinowski

Karli, Mitchell & Jessica are the only ones that got it. They get to wear these at graduation!!

The E- Board
It's starting to hit me that Mitchell graduates in less than a month! CRAZY!! I am so sad that my boy is growing up so fast!!

Sunset Region, Southwest Division All Star Team!

Friday night Mitchell was named as the setter for the 1st All-Star team for our division! I am so proud of him! Several boys from our team were nominated too. Our Coach was the coach of the year and Mitchell's good friend Kenny was the MVP. 2 of the younger boys were on the #2 team. It was tough to go out to Legacy High School to receive the award, because the regional finals were going on. We wanted to be playing that match!! Oh well. The boys were excited to get their awards and they actually stayed to watch all the matches that night. Good sports!

Mitchell getting his award

Coach Cap

Bryson, Kenny, Cavanaugh and mItch were on the #1 team and Cellan and Bryan were on #2

Great job!!

Mitchell & his coach

Mitchell and his best friend Kenny

So proud of them all!!

It's over

Volleyball is over... I am so sad. Mitch had a great season! He should be very proud. They ended the regular season 13-1. We made it to regionals and had a bad night. I think they were really nervous in the first set. then the second we started to come back right at the end, but it was too late. then the 3rd set we lost 30-28. I twas really close. We almost won a few times! It was hard loosing in the first round! Big bummer!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the season...

Congrats to a great season Mitchell!! I love every minute of going to your games! Well, I guess when we are behind my heart gets stressed out!
I sure hope Tanner decides to play volleyball too! Or I am really going to miss it!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Every other day in May

John told me I should have called this "every other day in May." I'm out of the habit of everyday! I remember at the oddest time!

A few highlights from today....
1. New air conditioning units installed! I am completely depressed about the price, but happy to be in a cool house!

2. I went to lunch with my very sweet neighbor Dee and Tiffany who used to be my neighbor. We caught up and enjoyed a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

3. Tanner gave a speech today at school. He was nominated for the Walter Johnson award. He thought it went well! Wish him luck! It's a great honor to just be nominated for this! Great job Tanner!

4. John and I were asked to give our journaling class at our Relief Society meeting tonight. It was fun to prepare and do that with him again!

5. I am excited about the 3 American Idol finalists! I like them all! I loved Holly and was sad to see her go, but these three are great!

6. This isn't a highlight, but a bummer... I walked outside this morning to go for a run and I saw egg shells! We got egged last night. yuck! It was a pain to get off the house. Why do people do that?

Good night!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oops I forgot

I'm not used to this everyday blogging! I forgot yesterday. I was in a grumpy mood! One of our air conditioners went out last week and we are in a fight with our home warranty company about it! I don't get mad very often, but I am Furious with them. Don't ever use American Hime Shield! They will cover the compressor that is out and the labor, but they won't cover the $195 for a crane to get it up on the roof or $185 for the freon something or other and $85 removal fee. So stupid! I told them that air conditioners are getting stolen right and left in Vegas, so i don't need to pay the removal, i just need to leave it out front and someone will steal it! They didn't think it was funny!

We are pricing new units. They are 25 years old and not very efficient. But they are very expensive! We need to decide quick, it's getting hot!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012


We went to the production of "The Lamb of God" tonight. The Las Vegas Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus put it on. It was amazing! The music was so beautiful! I am so glad Keri was able to get us tickets!

It was in the new Smith Center and that was beautiful!

Thank you everyone who put it on! We had a wonderful Sunday!

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Saturday, May 5, 2012


John has been trying to get me into biking for a long time, but i have a fear of riding real fast! I did as a kid, not sure why it freaks me out now. We rode everywhere when I was growing up! My mom would let us ride all the way to Bellevue Square and then to my cousins house to swim! (it was a good 5 miles through downtown traffic, no sidewalks, no helmets) We always stopped at McDonalds on Bellevue Way and got a chocolate shake with french fries. Then we would go to Frederick and Nelson's department sore at the mall to get a Frango bar for Julie and Jelly Belly's for me! Cotton Candy and Very Chery! I guess in my old age I became a wimp. John used to ride a lot, but after 2 bike accidents, he has been a little nervous to go. You can read about one of them here.

 Anyway, I got a new road bike a few months ago. We have been riding every Saturday morning that we can. I am really enjoying it! We found out about a bike trail up along the 215 that we love! We get on it right at Flamingo and 215 and it goes all the way up to Charleston. It is so nice to ride and not worry about cars! On a good day we turn up Charleston and go up to the Red Rock sign. My goal is to do the loop at red rock.

We had a great ride this morning until the wind picked up!

John and the beautiful desert landscape... haha

Friday, May 4, 2012

Senior NIght

Last night was senior night and the last home game for volleyball. How could my Mitchell be a senior?? I don't know where the time went!! We got to escort Mitchell out onto the court as they talked a little about him. It was a proud parent moment!

John was able to change his flight home from Chicago to make it home for this! Mitch was surprised to see him!

I'm not sure what I was looking at??

Michelle made posters for all the seniors! What a sweetie! 
Mitchell keeps a beard for volleyball season! I guess it's pretty scary!

These cute little ones made it for the game too. We had them over for dinner after. 
We ordered Mitchell's favorite BJ's Pizza. YUMMY!

I can't believe how big they are getting! Jack was yelling for Mitch at the game. So cute!

Afton loves her Tanner! He was trying to get homework done!

Wish us luck next week at playoffs!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goodbye my friend!

Sadly it is time to say goodbye to a dear friend of mine.... my laptop : (

I got my laptop in January of 2004! My good friend Stacy Julian bought it for me so I could help her with her keynote presentation that she gave at the Close To My Heart Convention in June of 2004. (Close To My Heart is a rubber stamp company, formerly named Dots.) Anyway, Stacy was giving this big Keynote address and she offered to pay me to help her by buying me a laptop!!

Stacy and I in Dallas CTMH Convention June 2004

Oct 2004 Austin Tx. Scrapbook convention. Showing a few of my favorite things! laptop is included!
Another work trip to Dallas 2005
This little baby has been my sidekick for the last 8 years! It has been to Hawaii, California, Washington, Dallas, Utah, Minnesota, Chicago and all sorts of places! I must admit that when I got my iPad, it took a back seat. But, I still work for Stacy and I check her email accounts everyday for her and I only check those emails on my laptop. But, last night I finally added those email accounts to my iMac because half the time i tried to use my laptop I couldn't get it to turn on.

A few days ago I found some electrical tape and fixed the crack in the cord... it sort of works now. The battery is completely dead, so if it's not plugged in, it doesn't work. Last week I was trying to hold the cord still with one hand and type with the other! hahaha. It was pretty funny. The tape is actually working pretty good.

Not only is the cord shot, it is extremely slow!!! I decided to set my timer last night to see how long it takes to open the internet. 

 For real!! 1 minute 51 seconds to bring up Safari! I timed my iMac and it took 5 seconds! Wow!

I guess I need to back everything up and say goodbye to my friend! I will miss it!! I will probably save it under my bed!I love my iPad, but there are just some things you need to do on a real computer. So, I am saving my money for a new friend!