Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby Shower...

I had a baby shower for a new gal in my ward that I visit teach. She is a cute new mom and her little girl is adorable!

I had fun making these cake pops. If you've never been to you need to check it out! She has the cutest cake pop ideas! They are fun to make, but I will warn you, they take a while. They took me about 3-4 hours. Bakerella has a new book out...
I think I will put it on my Christmas list.

I simplified mine a bit...

I didn't have any styrofoam, so i used rice... it worked!

Suzanne, Emily, Michele and Anisa

Sherry made Italian Soda's! They were yummy!

Our future moms... Amy and Chantelle

yummy food....

Cute mommy Kirsten...

All the young ones... I still feel their age... but then as they are talking about nursing babies, I am talking about a daughter who is in college with a serious boyfriend and then i realize i am old...

Suzanne, Keri and Suzanne
Abby, Brianna & Mika

Cute Abby with baby McKinley.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Auntie Allison

I got to be the favorite Aunt this week. I got to babysit Afton and Jack 2 days! They are so cute!! I absolutely LOVE newborns. I could hold one all day long!! And I pretty much did both days... shhhh... Don't tell Jenn. She doesn't want him spoiled.

Here are a few pics from our play days...

My kids love their cousins!

She can't say Allison, but she can say turtles! She LOVES to go out and feed them!

I wish all of my nieces and nephews lived closer!! I love them all!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

New favorite thing...

I have a new favorite thing to listen to on my iPod. It's the "Mormon Channel". I must be getting old. I enjoy these more than I enjoy catching up on my Oprah shows on the DVR. I know... strange. I used to LOVE watching my Oprah reruns. Not so much anymore. I still like her, but I think her views on life and politics have turned me off a bit. I still enjoy some shows with different stars and thought provoking topics. But I have deleted more of her episodes without watching them this season then ever before.

To get to the Mormon Channel, go to and click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner. (these pictures came up a little small, to see them bigger click on them and they will pop up bigger)

Then you will see this page... there are so many fun things to listen to right on your computer. They have a live radio show, scripture stories for kids (wish they had this when my kids were little!) and history of hymns, creative topics and all kinds of things! Click around and see what is there.
I really enjoy the "Conversations", Sheri Dew interviews different general authorities and other church leaders. They are awesome! I loved, Sister Beck and her daughters, Elder Bednar and his wife, Elder Ballard and his wife and Elder Oaks and his wife. What I love about these is that you can download them and put them on your ipod. Then I listen to them in the car or as I do the dishes. Here are the steps for downloading... (remember, I have a mac, so if you have a pc, things might look a little different, but you should still be able to figure it out.)

Click on the "programs" tab, and this drop menu appears...

Click on "conversations"

Then find an episode you want to listen to and then you right click on the little mp3 icon. This will appear...

Click on the "save link as" button or on a pc it's "save target as"
Then save it to your desktop or a file. Then you will get this little icon on your desktop...

Then you can click on it and listen to it on your computer or you can drag right into your iTunes and put in on your ipod. Just click on the image and drag it right on top of your iTunes folder and let go...
Then it shows up in your music folder under the name of the speaker or if you sort your music by Artists, it's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

It's pretty cool! The talks are actual podcasts, so you can also click on the podcast tab on the Mormon Channel home page and subscribe to the podcasts and they go right to your itunes library. We will do that lesson another day!

Another cool thing is that there is a free app for the droid and the iphone. You just click on your app and you can listen to the mormon radio live, listen to conference talks, the Ensign articles, scriptures and lots of other things. So I have been listening to the Ensign in the car! Someone reads the talks to you!! so cool. The church is getting so high tech!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Homecoming 2010!

Mitchell went to his first homecoming dance on Saturday! He had a great time. He took Michelle De la Vega. They have been good friends for a few years. I forgot to take pictures of his invitation. It was cute. He made a cute poster that said something like... "Ya know, we M&M's make a good pair. Homecoming?" Then he covered the poster with M&M's and put it on her door step. Then she answered with candy all over his bed with a cute poster on his wall.

I couldn't fit it all in one picture, so here is what it says: "yes, we M&M's make a good pair,
So I guess it's no clue, we are very rare. So i would love to go Homecoming, I swear. Don't worry! I like your facial hair!"

Mitchell's week was crazy busy. He is in student council, so he spent many hours decorating the halls, building the float, helping with powder puff, the assembly and he had 2 soccer games on top of it all! I can't believe i didn't take a picture of the halls. They were AMAZING! The theme for homecoming was "around the world". The Juniors country was China. And they won the hall decorating contest! Great job!!

Mitchell came home Wednesday night a little stressed about the dance. His group was being a little indecisive. They didn't have dinner reservations yet, didn't know who was driving or what all they were doing. So we sat down and he made a plan. He wrote it all out and handed it to the other boys the next day. I was proud of him for stepping up and getting it done. Here is his list:

We went to the football game and we actually won! it's still a little strange for me to go to a football game in a t-shirt and shorts. I think I should get all bundled up! That's how they were when I was growing up. It just goes together... not in Vegas!

Here is the Junior float....

The dance was Saturday night. We got him a new suit. He looked so grown up. Like a missionary!! Here he is with his date Michelle. She looked beautiful!

The group shots...

Good buddies!

Handsome boys!

After pictures, they went to dinner at Kona Grill. Then they went to the dance for an hour. Then they got a really good deal on tickets to Mystere at treasure Island. They LOVED it. After the show they came to our house for dessert. We set up a chocolate fountain. They seemed to enjoy it. I am so happy that they had such a good time!