Friday, October 15, 2010

Auntie Allison

I got to be the favorite Aunt this week. I got to babysit Afton and Jack 2 days! They are so cute!! I absolutely LOVE newborns. I could hold one all day long!! And I pretty much did both days... shhhh... Don't tell Jenn. She doesn't want him spoiled.

Here are a few pics from our play days...

My kids love their cousins!

She can't say Allison, but she can say turtles! She LOVES to go out and feed them!

I wish all of my nieces and nephews lived closer!! I love them all!!


Grama Linda said...

They are both adorable!

Ashley Barnes said...

afton is the cutest thing ever. i'm so jealous.

Nycole said...

It was so much fun bumping into you at time out last weekend. Yes, lets get together for lunch! I can DVR my soaps, haha!
Being an Aunt is the best! Especially when you can give them back when they are poopy and crying.

stacyj said...

I love you and you are such a GOOD Auntie, mom, daughter, sister and FRIEND.