Friday, April 13, 2012

Senior year

I can't believe my Mitchell is a senior this year!! How did this happen?? Senior year comes with lots of fun activities! Here is a recap of some of the things going on.

The Mr. Bengal Pageant 

The Mr. Bengal Pageant is a big thing at Bonanza. The boys do all sorts of things to try to win the judges over! Mitch did a great job! Unfortunately he didn't win. Of course we thought he should have! 
All the guys doing the opening dance...

I was his escort

Doing his "pick-up" line with Michelle
His good friend Kenny won.

Sadies dance!

Michelle asked Mitchell to the sadies dance. She and Karli came over and decorated his room while he was off on a scavenger hunt she made.
Karli and Michelle decorating!

Mitchell's first clue.
She asked him by using Harry Potter clues. It was really cute!

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Mr. Harry Potter

She did a great job with all the clues!

The dance

They had a fun weekend... Friday night they went and got pictures taken at the park. (it was freezing out!!) Then they went to dinner and then the dance. Then Saturday morning early they rented a bus and all went to Disneyland! It's a crazy tradition! They came home late Saturday! I am sure they all had a great time!

Mitchell & Michelle

Their group of kids...

The boys!

A handsome group!

Presidents day

So I am trying to get a little caught up today...

Back in February, Ashley and Scotty came home for Presidents Day weekend. We had a good time with them! We went to Fast Lap go-karts. It was a blast. I had never been in go karts that went that fast before!

John and i all set

Ashley, Scotty, Mitchell and Tanner ready to go!

the track

Waiting for our turn...
If  I remember right Scotty won, Mitch was in 2nd then John, Tanner, Me and Ashley.

Since we were so close to the strip we headed down there after our race. We walked around the new City Center. It has some amazing art work!
At one of the art museums

Then we headed over to Scott and Jenn's to see the kids. John had Jack laughing pretty hard with the Jack in the box! So cute!

Tanner playing with Afton. She loves her Tanna!

Jack has decided that he likes Mitchell now. It's pretty cute.

Jack's scar is looking so much better!
And of course we went shopping! Grabbing some lunch at Fashion Show mall.
We are so glad they came home for the weekend! We miss them lots!!

National Junior Honor Society

Remember this post back in 2007? This boy hated school! He didn't like the homework, he didn't like his teachers, he didn't like writing his letters like his teachers taught him. His 4th grade teacher sent him back to kindergarten a few hours a week to practice his letters! Well, this little boy who is now taller than me, just made National Junior Honor Society! He has pretty much had straight A's since he went to middle school. Something clicked in 6th grade. I think he likes having a new class every hour! He comes home and works on his homework right away and if he has a project due in 2 weeks, he starts now! (Unlike his brother and sister who would rather do it the night before!)

We are so proud of Tanner for making honor society! Good job bud!!

making sure his name is in the program... : )

pledging to do his best.

getting his certificate

so happy!
We expect him to make it again in high school next year! Way to go Tanner!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Short Getaway

Oh my Gosh, I just wrote this whole post and all of a sudden it disappeared!I have no idea what I did! ugh!I will try again! Back in March John had a convention in San Diego for the window film company they use at Sunburst Shutters. Since it is close to the boos' beach house we stay there to save the company money on a hotel. We left on Thursday and spent Thursday afternoon walking the beach and going to the little street fair. We had some yummy dinner! and looked at some great crafts! Friday and Saturday John had classes all day. Bummer! I should really call this trip an "Allison" vacation! While he is at classes all day I slept in, walked on the beach, went on a bike ride and snuggled up with the Hunger Games Books. It was so relaxing! And I got lucky with good weather this year! it's usually in January and cold!

We love going to the farmers market on Thursday nights!
We did get to spend the evening together! We had fun exploring Carlsbad for new dinner places. We usually stick to our favorites in Oceanside, but we ventured out this year. I went exploring on the bike during the day and found some good spots to eat! We found this cute yogurt shop that we went to a couple times!

We  have become yogurt experts!
Dinner at the harbor!
We had a great time away and the boys survived without us! We left them home alone for the first time and we think all went well! I love spending time away with my honey even if it's a short trip!