Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness Final Two Days!

My final 2 days of March went like this:

I watched these two little cuties yesterday....

They are getting so big!

The little turtle woke up! I was worried he was dead. The big one is picking on him... I need to figure out how to separate them for a while.

I walked over to the barbeque to cook dinner and saw these beautiful weeds! Looks like we have a big project this weekend!

He was hungry after a long winters nap!

Today I spent the day getting for our Relief Society Birthday dinner tonight. We decided it would be fun to learn a little bit about the history of the Canyon Gate Ward Relief Society. So, I made a video with interviews of all the past RS presidents in our ward. About half of them were still in town, and half have moved away. So I got the ones who had moved to send me an email with their answers to a few questions and I read them into the video. I interviewed the ones that are still here. It was fun to learn about things that have gone on in the ward and see what amazing ladies we have in our ward. Dinner was great and the ladies seemed to enjoy themselves!

I was surprised that I felt prepared enough for the evening that I was able to make it to Mitchell's volleyball game at 4:00. They played great! We beat Gorman which is always a big deal. Their volleyball program is going downhill. I guess they don't recruit that sport. (Gorman is the Private Catholic school full of rich kids... so it's a big deal when the ghetto teams beat them! haha)

Mitchell had a some great serves today!

Nice set!

Final score!

Well, thanks for reading along on my March Madness blogging trip! It's been fun! It was hard to remember each night! I might take a few days off! Happy April!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MM 29

I've almost made it a month! yahoo! I woke up and went for a run this morning! 3 miles. It was hard! I went to lunch at Tiffany's and got to see her new house. I love it! It was fun to visit with friends! Tanner came home and spilled pop all over my kitchen floor... oops. I needed to mop anyway! I made good progress on my relief society video. I went to Mitchell's volleyball game. We beat Western! Good job boys! took the kids to dinner. I didn't feel like cooking. I really need to plan ahead on game nights!

After dinner the boys went to mutual and Ashley went to help Scotty on a school project... So I found myself at Costco. I had to buy plates for my activity Thursday. As I wondered around the book table I stood there thumbing through the cook books and made the conclusion that i LOVE food! I really do! Ya know how when you watch The Biggest Looser or Oprah and they dig deep to figure out why you eat... well, I can never figure that one out for myself... why do I eat?? I wasn't abused as a child, I wasn't neglected, I love my parents, love my siblings, love my husband & kids... what is it? I think I just like food! But why do I like to eat all the time?? I don't know?? I am on a quest to figure that out. I have great eating days and bad days. Today was a bad day. I could blame it on Tiffany having my favorite chocolates at her house... but I could have walked away from them... no, I had 4! Once I blow it, I blow it good. Why?? I don't know. I guess I should go to bed reading my diet book. I haven't finished it yet... maybe that would help! I will go read that instead of Jane Eyre. Good night!


Oops I forgot to blog last night. Not much to say... I am working on a video for our Relief Society dinner on Thursday night. I hope I can get it done!

I am reading Jane Eyre... I am just getting started. I saw that the movie is coming out soon, so I thought I should read it before I see it. So far so good!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness 27

I love Sundays.... And I secretly like the late church schedule. I love to sleep in! Church was good. Nice testimonies and good lessons. I miss my hubby. It's going to be a long week!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness 26

Speaking of March madness... did you catch the end of the Florida and Butler game? Very close. I was rooting for Florida since they knocked out BYU. But they lost in the last seconds. Ashley and I were home alone and we were watching b-ball without the boys! Surprise surprise! The game ended and I looked at her and siad, "That's what march madness is all about!" I still remember watching the NCAA finals for the first time. John and I had been married less than a year and we lived in this hole in the wall apartment in Provo. That place is a whole other post! Don't ever let your husband's friend pick out an apartment for you! Anyway, I had never watched March Madness before and John got me hooked. I much prefer college ball over the NBA's!

So, if you saw my facebook you know John and I went to Barry Manilow last night! It was amazing! My only complaint is that it was too short! John wasn't exactly thrilled to be there, but he was a good sport and seemed to enjoy it... he wasn't alone... I saw a lot of husbands with similar expressions on their faces as the ladies were singing along! Pretty funny.

The show moved to the Paris a few months back.

The show had some great effects, his band was great and he told some fun stories. He told us how his grandpa would take him into NY every Saturday and they would go to this shop that would create a record for you for .25cents. (He was only 4 at the time.) His grandpa knew he had talent and helped him get started. He played a couple of those old records. It was pretty cool. Then he sang one of the songs he had recorded. Then in this picture they showed a clip of his first TV appearance... They played it for a while and then he came out and finished the song and sang along with the clip. It was awesome!

I was able to sneak a quick video... they were very strict about no video taping... I saw the lady stop a lot of people... I mostly took it just to see if she would catch me...hahaha. I know... you didn't know I was so rebellious!

I would highly recommend this show if you come to Vegas! it was clean and fun. I was worried they would Vegasize him like they did Elton John. We went to him a few years ago and it was very disappointing. They had to add yucky Vegas sleaze.

John left today for Chicago and North Carolina for almost a week and a half... yuck. I will miss him!

Friday, March 25, 2011

MM 25

I know the day isn't over... but i have a hot date with my hubby tonight and know I will get in late and won't feel like blogging. So here we go...

I forgot to post these two pictures from yesterday... I had to take a picture at the men at the volleyball game yesterday. They were all watching the BYU game live on their iPhone... Brother Whiting even brought his iPad for bigger viewing! It was so funny! talk about multi-tasking! I have to give them credit for coming to the game at all.

The real game...

Don't die of shock, but I actually kept my word from yesterday and cleaned the upstairs bathrooms today! They were disgusting! Seriously took me an hour and half. They look so much better. I wish I had a house keeper! Someday...

Tanner just left for his overnighter... he looks excited hugh?? He will be even more excited when i make him get a haircut tomorrow.

Do your kids do this?? Tanner thinks his backpack lives right outside the door that it should go in. Really, how hard is it to turn that handle and stick the backpack inside??It might take all of 10 seconds.

Mitchell passes the hall closet and dumps his stuff in my family room. He thinks this table has his name on it??? maybe I should start charging them each day they do this... I could be rich and hire my house cleaner!

So, John and I are off to a show on the strip tonight. I am so excited. I've wanted to go to this one for years. A few months ago I bought us a membership to (it was half off on like groupon) This is the first time we've used the membership... It's for locals and they give you free tickets to shows on the strip so the theater will be full. Any guesses on what/who we are seeing?? I will tell you tomorrow....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness Day 24

One more week to go! I finally remembered to blog tonight.

Before I start with our day... March 24th has a special spot in my heart because it is my little brother Johnny's birthday. He would have been 40 today. Hard to believe. How could my little sibbling be that old when I think I am still in my 30's. haha. Johnny died in a car accident when he was 25. I can't believe he has been gone so long. I miss him lots. He was so funny and happy. I often wonder what he would be doing now? Who would he have married? What job would he have? How many kids? They would be cute for sure! He was a beautiful a baby. He gave my parents a lot of grey hairs! Oh how we miss John and Greg! Our family never feels complete when we are together. I am so glad I know about the plan of salvation!

Today was busy...

* went walking with Kaleen... great therapy session!

* my visiting teachers came. I love them.

*went to lunch at a new restaurant with some friends. DW Bristo, it was yummy!

*went to do 2 of my visiting teaching visits.

*went to Mitchell's volleyball match against Spring Valley. We killed them!

*came home, ate some scrambled eggs, watched the end of the BYU game. So sad they lost. It was a fun season! Then I went to a church meeting with a really bad attitude and it ended up not being so bad. Not sure I will get any blessing though, I was grumpy!

*finally done running around... came home and watched Idol. I am glad they used the save... I like him. A few of the others should have gone!

*looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow. I might even do some housework. ssh... don't tell John, he might die of shock!

*John is busy getting ready to go out of town for a week and a half... I will miss him!!

*Tanner is packed and ready for his camp-out this weekend. Surprisingly he didn't complain about going today. Not sure what changed in his mind... yahoo!

*Mitchell has a State Student Council conference all weekend. He is getting ready to leave right now and it's 10:45. We won't see him till Saturday night.

*Ashley went out with Scotty tonight on his brothers motorcycle. Not sure how I feel about that. He took a motorcycle class yesterday.

I am ready for the weekend. and i hope it warms up!

MM 23

By doing this blog everyday I am realizing that my life is pretty boring and routine. I will try and do something different today!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March madness 22

I didn't feel so good today... I am fighting a cold and allergies. yuck... Everyone else had a good day. John is busy at work getting ready to go out of town for a week. Ashley is enjoying her new job. Mitchell is exhausted with seminary at 5:50 and volleyball till 6:00 every night. Tanner is enjoying his long board and still fighting me every week about going to scouts. He hates it. For that reason Tuesdays are not my favorite day. he has a campout htis weekened and is already complaining about it... should be a great week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MM 21

I am almost caught up.... Monday was ok... I have a bad cold. Yuck! I thought it was allergies, but today I am achy and feel cruddy.

We have 3 cars and all 3 cars have the check engine light on... So we took the volvo in on Monday it wasn't the best of news. It was in great need of a tune up and lots of little things wrong with it that added up to be about $1000... ugh! I hate car repairs. Hopefully the van is ok and we are pretty sure John's car just needs air in a tire. I will take the van in later this week or next. I sounds fine... but we are already short a car, we don't need a broken one. I've had to drive John to work the last few days. With Ashley's new job, she needs a car. So, Mitchell drives to seminary and then to school, then I drive Ashley down to bonanza to pick it up around 8:30 and she heads to work. Then I either pick up Mitchell or he gets a ride home. Fun times!

I am missing the beautiful spring weather we had last week. Not sure where it went. I hate this windy cold weather.

Mitch had his first league volleyball game yesterday against Spring Valley. JV and Varsity won!

Monday, March 21, 2011

MM 20

Sunday was Curtis' homecoming talk. He did a great job! It sounds like a very hard mission. He said it took a long time to learn the language and the people are hard to teach. He had some great experiences though and he was all grown up! He was able to see some beautiful parts of Korea, the pictures were amazing.

Cindy hosted a little open house after church. We had taco salad and some yummy desserts.

Ashley and Charity. Charity misses having Ashley up at BYU. She hardly left her side all day!

Sharolyn trying to get Justin happy. He hasn't been feeling well.

My sister in law Kate and my cousin Jenna

My cousin Jenna and her husband Ugo and one of their cute kids. My nephew Kevin and his girlfriend.

My niece Angela and her husband Shawn

Nephews, Dallin and Brendon, my brothers Todd and Mark, niece Carlie and nephews, Jeff, Trevor and Curtis.

Curtis and my niece Taylor Ann (love those curls!)

My mom and cousin Jenna.

My cute dad with his camera always in his hand.

Curtis brought home the funniest Korean book. It's called "Did you poop on my head?" The kids loved it.

The Routson family all back together!

Angela, Spencer, Kevin and Curtis

I am so glad we were able to spend the weekend with family! I love them!!

March Madness Day 19

Saturday recap...

Mitchell had a big volleyball tournament. They got 3rd place. I hear it was a great day and they played well. John went and cheered them on. They barely lost the last match to play in the championship round... bummer. I hated to miss it!

Meanwhile, Tanner, Ashley and I were in Utah. Ashley spent most of the day down in Provo visiting friends. Tanner and I hung out at Cindy's helping her get ready for a big open house on Sunday. We did some baking and some shopping. These were yummy! Find the recipe here. (we added the strawberry. I would go with a normal chocolate frosting... didn't love the one she suggested)

Cindy and Ashley baking...

It was great to visit with Curtis. It sounds like he had an amazing experience in Korea. He showed us a bunch of pictures and told us all about it. I'm not sure my boys could handle the food!

Here he is figuring out his new phone...

Kevin was painting a big mural on his wall... here he is examining his work...

I forgot to take a picture of the final product!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MM 18

Oops... I forgot to blog last night...

Let's see... I went for a 3 mile run. Barely made it. I took my cute little neighbor Dee to her doctor appointment. She has been falling down a lot. I hope she is ok!

I had a no brain moment... I have been trying to get Mitchell signed up for an online health class because he agent taken it yet and doesn't want to take it his senior year. The paper work has to go way across town and i haven't had time. I planned to do it yesterday. I got half way there and stopped at the bank to get the cash I needed for the class and realized that i forgot the paper work! Ugh! I couldn't believe it! I had it in my hands right before i left! How did i put it down? I guess i will go Monday with the papers!

After Ashley got home from work she, tanner and I left for Utah. My nephew Curtis came home from his mission in Korea. He gives his homecoming talk on Sunday. John stayed home with Mitchell because he had a volleyball tournament all day Saturday. I was so sad they couldn't come.

Our drive went good. We got in late... Tanner kept us entertained.

That's about it...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March madness day 17

Happy St. Patricks Day! I used to be a fun mom who made the milk green and made green pancakes... Nothing this year... Oops. My mom was always good at fun things like that.

Today was a good day...

I walked with my friend Kaleen. Finished and filed our taxes. Watched some March Madness. My brackets don't look to good. There were some major upsets for me! I went to the bonanza volleyball game. We won! Came home and vegged out a bit.

This blogging everyday is kind of hard... I don't have much to say today...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness day 16

Hmmm.... What happened today...

1. My nephew returned from his mission in Korea! I cant wait to see him on Sunday!

2. I went for a run and ate good. 3 days in a row... Woot woot!

3. Mitchelll was on the news! His broadcasting class watched a morning news show. Of course i didn't know he was there until it was over and missed it.

4. Ashely got a special package in the mail today. We took a risk on a wedding item and we love it!

5. Tanner said testing went well.

6. Let's see, I've talked about evryone but John... He had a bad day at work... But Yumz had it's best week day yet!

7. Bonanza volleyball game was way too close. We won! Beat Cenntenial. We are going to have a great team this year!

8. Went with my hubby and the sister missionaries on a lesson. It went great. I was the babysitter so they could listen.

9. I watched Jack and Afton and they both had great naps! Yahoo. I actually got a shower! I forgot about those days when you are lucky if you make it to the shower. I remember setting up the baby swing in the bathroom!

10. My allergies are making me crazy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MM 15

I started the day with driving Tanners carpool to school. I had the hardest time getting up today. Still missing that hour of sleep!

I got my haircut and colored today. I love it. Nice and springy! Thanks Leah! Scotty made some points today... he noticed first thing. My boys still haven't said a word... I need to train them better.

I am almost done with our taxes... I love Turbo Tax!

Our new neighbors are moving in... they seem nice.

I've been good 2 days in a row on my new diet plan... (I am starving! and I feel like I should have lost 10 lbs by now. Why do I love food so much??)

One of our turtles is waking up! He moved over to where the smaller turtle is. I always get nervous this time of year... worried that they might have froze to death while they were hibernating. I gave him some food... hopefully the other one wakes up soon. They are the best pets! You only take care of them for half the year! I am thinking I should plant some more edible plants in their habitat so I don't have to feed them much. If anyone every has lettuce or broccoli going bad, they really like that!

Tanner is taking the CRT's this week. (State testing) He is a bit nervous. Sounds like they really talk it up at school. He said the first day went well.

Ashley is loving her new job... did I write about that yet?? She is a runner at a law firm. She goes to the court house and the bank and county offices and drops things off. She really likes it. It's 40 hours a week and more money than the cleaners. They kept cutting her hours there. It's kind of funny how she got it. Her friend posted something on facebook that her dad's firm was hiring someone and Ashley responded and that she was interested. She never even interviewed for it, she only texted her friend. Modern technology at work!

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness Day 14

Spring means volleyball season here in Vegas! Mitchell is playing volleyball again this year. He is playing on the JV team and he is also on the varsity team. We have so many seniors this year that the coach is letting 2 of the juniors warm up and sit with the varsity team so they get some varsity experience for next year. That means long practices for him. He practices with the jv team and then the varsity team. He doesn't get home until after 6. He is happy though!

It should be a great season for both teams! We have won all of our pre season games so far. We beat Palo last week and beat Coronado today! Both schools have good volleyball programs.

Mitchell, John and Lorenzo

Mitchell serving...

Time out...

Mitchell is playing setter this year...

Mitchell warming up with varsity... (great hit!)

Cheering on the varsity team!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

MM Day 13

I Love Sundays. Today we slept in big time. Once in a while I love 1:00 church. Today was one of those days!

Church was great. I love our ward. Came home and had a good dinner! Went on a walk with my honey. The weather is absolutely perfect right now! It was about 75 today. John and boys went to a fireside and I caught up on this blog! It was a great weekend!

Day 12

We finally got to sleep in! We had gotten up at 4:30 our time the last 2 days and it was killing me. My eye was twitching big time!!

We spent the morning at the store taking pictures and stuff. Then we ran a few errands, met Lori for lunch and headed to the airport. We had a good flight home... I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and cried as usual!

The kids were still alive when we got home... they broke a few rules, so I doubt we will leave them alone next time... We feel much better when Grandma and Grandpa are here!

March Madness Day 11

Friday morning the guys got up early and went to Chicago to meet with franchise attorneys to talk about how to franchise Yumz. Lori and I took the train into the city a few hours after them to meet them for lunch. It was fun to ride the train and see all the people who ride it everyday! I love people watching!

We met up with the guys at the Apple store. It's so cool! 2 stories! Then we went to Gino's Pizza. So yummy! We love deep dish pizza!!!


Matt and Lori and John and I

John adding his name to the wall...

The train ride back...

Check out the girl sleeping behind us...

We got back to Crystal Lake and headed to Yumz. Matt and Lori had a school functions to go to, so we went and worked at the store. It was fun to work behind the scenes with the employees. We really have great employees! We helped add mix to the machines, cleaned tables, cut strawberries and all kinds of fun stuff. John even learned the cash registers. But the employees kicked him off when the line got really long. He was spending too much time chatting with them! It was funny. The kids were worried that they might have made him mad that they took over. We had new sales record that night. It was crazy busy! And it was freezing outside!

John's sister Annette lives about 30 minutes away, so she brought the kids to the store to see us. It was fun to catch up with them. I wish we would have had more time! The kids are getting so big! I had never met Ammon before. He is a little wild thing. Everett has gotten so big. He was very shy! They are night and day! Lauren was cruising around in her wheel chair. She is so cute! I learned that her favorite flavor is chocolate! My kind of girl! Natalie didn't like getting her picture taken... not sure why, she is beautiful. She snuck out of this first picture...

But I got her here!

The boys love their Uncle Johnny. They were chatting away!

Yogurt time... : )
Thanks for coming all the way out to see us Annette! We hope to bring our kids next time! Mitchell and John stayed at Annette's the 2 times they went out for Bears games. The little boys loved Mitchell, so Annette introduced me to them by telling them I was Mitchell's mom! It was funny!