Sunday, September 27, 2009

Uncle David

My brother David came for a visit on Thursday! It was so wonderful to have him here for a day. David is child number 6, so he is right after me. We became pretty close when I had my license and I had to drive him around. I remember taking him to his job at a dry cleaners that was on my way to work at Bellevue Square. He's a great little brother! He is a computer whiz! He is probably one of the nicest people I know. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is hilarious too. The only bad thing I can say about him is that he totaled my car and killed my pet hamster when I was at college... he and my brothers forgot to feed it... poor little thing.

Anyway, I love my brother David. He has a really bad year and his nice friends flew him down to Vegas to golf and hang out for his 40th birthday. Satan won a battle with his wife and she has since left the church, parties all the time, drinks and smokes and has a new boyfriend... it has been so hard to watch my brother go through this. No fun. He has 2 sweet little girls that love him so much!

David came in on Thursday and Scott and Jenn and Afton came over and we went out BJ's for lunch and then came to our house and hung out by the pool. We bbq'd some ribs when John came home.. yum yum. Then we took him to Luv It's for dessert. Not a good day for my return to weight watchers...

David and Afton...

Jenn, Afton and Scott

Jenn made him a really cute "Vegas Survival Kit"

Mitchell and Tanner...

Happy Birthday David!!! We are so glad we got to see you!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soccer season is upon us!

Mitchell had his first 2 soccer games this week. They were very exciting. I really enjoy watching him play. His first game was against Spring Valley... we won 2-0. Let me say that I am really ready for the the weather to cool down! It was SO hot and we were facing the sun! (105... I added the temperature for my out of town family who thinks we have probably cooled down to the high 80's by now, since they are enjoying 70's by now, but no, it is still in the 100's.)

His game on Thursday didn't go as well, we lost to Western 2-1. It was close! Our first loss... remember that we went undefeated last year...

Go Bengals!!!

Mitchell catching his breath while waiting to throw the ball in...

I need to bring my big camera that has a better zoom lens next time.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

We had a fun Labor Day! We spent the day swimming with Scott, Jenn and Afton. It was nice and relaxing. Afton loved the water today. I need to get some baby water toys! I must say that I made the best ribs for lunch! I made this recipe... I put them in the crockpot on low last night, so they were falling off the bone by the time we put them on the bbq today. YUM! Jenn missed out... she doesn't like pork?? strange I know.

So cute!!

Jenn getting her all set for the photo shoot!

Crazy Tanner

John relaxing!

Mitchell hanging out...

We had a nice day, but we missed our little girl!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My mom is an observer of clouds... I think my kids think she is a bit silly when they drive with her because she is always noticing the cloud formations and pointing them out. Well, today when I was driving down Oakey I saw the most beautiful clouds to the north of me. I realized that I am a lot like my mom and I love looking at cloud formations too. They were so fluffy and white and then off to the west, they were dark and you could see the sun shining through them and you could see rain streaming down. So cool. Call me strange, but I miss the clouds!