Thursday, August 26, 2010

Families that play together, stay together....

Does this count?? I found a new game for my phone and I am a little addicted.... It's rubbed off on the whole family... we all have it on our devices...

We spent an hour playing last night... We decided that the iPod touch version is easier then the Droid version... that's the only reason the boys got the high scores!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday John!

It's my Honey's birthday today! He is 46! I tried to scan a few baby pictures, but my scanner is acting up! (if you look close in this picture, you can see his dad's train set in the background! I never noticed it in this picture before... pretty cool.)
I hope he had a good day! I met him for lunch. It was so yummy. We went to Veranda inside the 4 Season's Hotel down by Mandalay Bay.

After the boys got home from Mutual, we had fondue. It was delicious! We missed you Ashley!

I couldn't get these 2 to give me a nice face... buggers.

The birthday boy....

Love him!

He got some new track for the train set... and he got a new suit at the Dillards sale 2 weeks ago! It's hard to believe it will be train time soon!!
Happy Birthday honey!!! We love you tons!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pickup and drop off kids...

On Thursday we packed up Ashley's stuff, filled the van and drove to Zion to pick up Mitchell. He is done working for the summer! Yahoo! We have missed him so much. We spent the night at the ranch. It was fun to hang out where he has worked all summer.

I love this picture... it shows their personalities so much! Mitchell is mellow, Ashley loves her brothers and Tanner is a goof ball! Mitchell had just finished working hard, so he was pretty tired! He had just loaded this truck with hay... I love his beard... except it makes him look old.

We played some ping pong and enjoyed the beautiful ranch!

We had one of the girls take some family photo's for us...

Look at the size of this bug!

We went to dinner at this restaurant near the ranch and it was not the best experience... it started off good... we sat outside, the weather was perfect, there were horses running all over the property and it was beautiful... Mitchell was tired after a long summer of working hard...

This was right where we were eating...

After the sunset, things went bad... Tanner got cold and stood inside... this made him a little grumpy... we asked to move inside and that helped. But it was crowded and it took about an hour and 20 minutes to get our food! It wasn't the best meal, so we were very frustrated that we waited so long and paid a lot for money for so, so food. It made for a long night.

We woke up and went canoeing on the little lake!

After canoeing we drove up to Provo and moved Ashley back into the dorms. She is going to be an RA this year. I wish i could say she was excited to be back at BYU... but she met a boy a few weeks ago and she is very sad about leaving him. Hopefully she will still be able to enjoy her sophomore year and study hard!

We got her stuffed moved in her room and then we went up to Midway to my brother Todd's house. Ashley's friend Scotty just happened to be in Provo for a friends wedding... so he came up and had dinner with us. We had played in the backyard after dinner... we had a great night.

Poor Charity couldn't get her shoe back... the boys were teasing her with it!

Sharolyn and Justin... he is getting so big!

Todd and Emily

Charity and Emily were climbing all over John!

Dallin and Mitchell...

Dallin is so fast!

This is Ashley's new boyfriend Scotty...

The little girls have a tradition with Ashley... Every time we stay at their house Ashley takes the little girls on a bonding trip to the store to get candy. It's pretty cute. This is Emily eating my favorite candy!

3 boys starting a fire!

On Saturday we went to Provo and organized Ashley's stuff more... bought her books and made an Ikea run. We got a few things to help her get organized in her room. We went to Cindy's for dinner and enjoyed seeing them. I forgot my camera! oops.

We said goodbye to Ashley on Sunday morning and came home. It was so hard to say goodbye again! I thought this year would be easier! nope. We will miss her! Things aren't the same at home without her!

Quick Beach Trip

Tanner and I snuck away for a very fast beach trip last week. My friend Kaleen was down at her beach house for the week with her boys, so she invited us to come join them for a few days. Monday morning we picked up Rene'e and her boys and we cruised down tho the beach for 3 days. The weather was perfect!

We played in the water, built sand castles, read books, ate at Ruby's, played cards, flew kites and went on long walks on the beach!

Tanner flew this kite everyday! He loved it!

The boys swimming...

The water was so warm!

Rene'e and i took all the boys to Ruby's while Kaleen ran a few errands. Tanner got a red gum ball so he got a free root beer float! Cooper got one too!

We sat outside and watched the sunset... then we (Vegas wimps) got cold and
we asked to move inside!

When we were walking down the pier after dinner, the fisherman were catching fish right and left! They let the boys hold a few!

Riley loved Tanner on this trip... it was pretty cute.

Thanks Kaleen for having us! Sorry I didn't get a picture of you!
Where were you when I had my camera out??