Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas 2011

We spent Christmas Eve at our good friends the Lords. It has become a tradition that we love! We had crab legs, flank steak and yummy rolls and other great things!

Chad, Abby and Tanner with their popper hats on!
The whole bunch!

Keri and Nick

Adam and Kami

Brock and Mitchell (nice face Mitch : )

Dessert time!

Keri reading a Christmas story

Ashley and Scotty made it over for dessert. They were at the Marx house.

Watching Christmas Vacation
We went home and opened our Christmas pj's.

John never wants any...

The newlyweds!

Mitchell opening his

Christmas Morning & Ashley's 21st Birthday!
Mitchell with his cool headphones

John made me a book all about all of the beaches we have been to together! It is beautiful! I absolutely loved it! He is the best gift giver!

hmmm... what could that be??

the longboard he wanted...

Mitchell opening one

You know you did good when your get an expression like this!

Scotty was so excited!
Santa got them a Wii!
we played some games in the afternoon. We got a new scrabble board.
After presents we hurried and got ready for church. We loved having Christmas on Sunday!  Our stake provides a sacrament meeting each week for a rest home in our stake boundaries. John had to speak there a few weeks ago, so he volunteered us to help with the meeting on Christmas day. It was really nice to provide that service for them. There are many residents that don't have any family in town, so it was great to visit with them. We came home, had breakfast and played games.
 Scott and Jenn and the kids came over Christmas evening. We had a great time with them! Well, it was fun until Jack got sick and threw up all over the house! Poor guy! He got Scott twice, the carpet twice, the couch once! He had 2 baths, we washed laundry! It was a crazy evening! Every time we thought he was feeling better he lost it! 

Ashley loves her Afton!

Happy birthday Ashley! (look at cute Afton looking and her big cousin! Love it!

Her favorite dessert

a bluetooth for her long drive to school

We got Afton an easel.

She loved it! She was covered in chalk and she broke every single piece of chalk!
She might get mad at me someday for this one!

Presents from Grandma and Grandpa Westra

She loved her new dress!

He didn't look sick!
 We had a great day! We loved spending time with our family and talking to many of our family members on the phone. We are so grateful for this season to celebrate our Saviors birth!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

I love all of our traditions at Christmas time! They make the season so fun! Here are a few of our traditions that we did this year.

Santa is a must... We have done it every year! We waited for Ashley and Scotty to get home and Scotty was a good sport to join in the fun! I think once they have kids, we will excuse them from the picture and let them do their own.

waiting in line

What a good looking group!
This is a tradition we started last year. Serving lunch at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. We all went last year on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed it so much that we called and got on the schedule this year. Mitchell ended up having volleyball practice and Ashley wasn't in town yet. So, we took Tanner. He was a good sport. It is very humbling!
Tanner getting hamburger patties ready for dinner.

John and Tanner working hard
We bribed the boys to put more lights up this year. Lights aren't one of our strong points! We are lucky if we get them on the house. It was nice to have some on the bushes and windows!

Tanner getting the bushes

Mitch did a great job with the pillar

The train is our "thing." John spent hours getting it all ready. For those new to our blog, John's dad set this train set up every year when John was growing up. We inherited it when he passed away and John keeps the tradition going by setting it up every year. He does a different layout each year. This year was a carnival scene. It was so fun. We had an open house and enjoyed having friends over! (more detail pictures of the train coming)

John working hard to get it ready.  The carnival pieces caused a lot of trouble this year!

Tanner helped a bit

John and Mitchell spent a day on it together

Looking good!
Here are a few pictures from the train open house...

We set up a little train in the living room and the kids get to run this one. they LOVED it!

Tanner loves little babies!

Mitchell did a great job keeping the food table full.

lots of fun treats

The Schlauders got a sneak peak the night before.

The Red Rock Stake has done a live nativity the last 2 years. It is beautiful! They have a nice nativity display set up in the building next to it. It has become a great new tradition for us. We took our friends the Burris' this year.

Alan and Lisa and John

Tanner petting a donkey

We loved the nativity. It definitely helps us keep everything in perspective! We are so lucky to have this time of year to remember our Savior and his birth. 

The Christmas cards went out late and I was ok with that!
Here is this years card.
We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!