Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm Back!

I think this is my longest streak away from the blog. I am sorry and I have missed it!

I will do a quick recap of the last few months! So much has happened!

Mitchell turned 19 on November 4th! 
Dinner at De Marco's. Yummy pizza!! 

 Jenn and the kids came over for presents and cake.

Afton loved helping Mitch open his presents!

Mitchell got new suitcases and the kids fit inside!

Happy Birthday!!

Tanner scooping some ice cream.


We went up to Brian Head for Thanksgiving this year. We stayed in the Jarman's cabin and had a great time! John's sisters, Cathi and Edie and their families came with us. 

The boys had a great time playing football in the snow on Thanksgiving day!

Luke, Caden, Carter, Keaton, Kurtis, Kade, (Curtis' roommate) Mitchell, Kyle, John, Kris and Tanner.
(Yes, we are the only ones without "K,C" sounding names)

We baked all day getting ready for the big meal!
Making Janet rolls!

Cathi and Kris

Playing some scrabble! Kyle, Kurtis, Cathi, Kris and Kade
 We worked on a puzzle all weekend

John relaxing

Mitchell and Chloe

Cathi brought some crafts for us to do. It was so fun!
Ashley working on he project 

We went to the garage to sand our projects

 The finished projects!

This "B" hangs on my front door!

The girls

We took some family pictures.
The Anderson's. Edie, Cienna, Caden, Carter, Chloe and Luke

My Taner Boy

The whole group!

I love this picture of us!

The Cenatiempo's. Minus Candace and her husband. 

Silly shot!

Love this family shot!

Tanner got Ashley laughing so hard she was crying.

They threw snow on us!

Ashley and Scotty

We had fun sledding!

Ashley and Scotty at the bottom of the hill
 So, Scotty's uncle has a cabin up there and they let us go out on their snowmobiles. Lucas Bartlett (in our ward and maried to Scotty's cousin) took us our for a ride. I had never been on one before. I rode with John for a while and I decided to give it a try. We got to this steep hill/jump. John asked if I still wanted to drive over the jump. I decided to give it a try. It wasn't too long and high. I was worried about stalling in the middle... but I made it! Once I got to the top I gave Lucas a thumbs up and then he yelled "stop". I had no idea that once you landed, you had to stop because there was a hill going down on the other side. I hit a log, almost tipped over and we hit a rock right before the tree. We were so lucky that we didn't get hurt to bad! John and I both hit our shins on the log and got torn up a bit. I was sure the snowmobile was ruined. I was about in tears over it. Had no idea how we would pay to fix it! (so mad I didn't take a picture of it before they got it out!) The strong guys were able to pull it away from the tree and the ski's went back to normal! Nothing was ruined at all! I was so happy!  

John reenacting his fall! 

The aftermath. We hit that rock...

Scotty and Kurtis

Had to get a picture of me on it.
We had a great time at the cabin! It was so fun to be with family and spend the holiday together! 

December to come soon!