Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GIngerbread houses

We picked up some gingerbread house kits while we were at Ikea. Tanner begged every night to do them. We finally found a night to do them. They turned out great!
Tanner working hard!

Mitchell thinking hard. His had a few cracks in it...

So his became a pile instead of a house!

Mitchell making a fence

Tanners turned out great

John worked really hard on his!

working on mine

silly boys!

Mitch and his masterpiece
John's finished product


All of them!

This is just one of the many things we like to do to get ready for Christmas!

Thanksgiving 2011

I know it was a month ago! But I can't write about Christmas until I get Thanksgiving done!

So we drove up to Utah for Thanksgiving this year. We were tired from the wedding and decided to invite ourselves to my sister Cindy's house! Plus we wanted to see where Ashley and Scotty were living. We drove straight to their apartment. It's a cute little place. 

Cindy and I baked all day on Thursday! It was fun to do it together! My Aunt Janet always made the best rolls when I was growing up.  We call them "Janet Rolls!" Cindy and I made a batch and they were delicious. They are even more special since my Aunt Janet passed away last month. We enjoyed remembering her as we made her famous rolls!

Ashley and Scotty came over for dinner. Scotty was a trooper,  he wasn't feeling well and he still came.  Kevin was home and my mom and dad came over for dinner. We had a great time.

Janet rolls ready to go in the oven.

Everything turned out great!

The table looked pretty!

The newlyweds

John checking out the black Friday ads.

The boys are chillin

Cindy and Steve

Kevin ready to eat...

Mitchell relaxing after dinner

On Friday we went to Ikea! One of our favorite Utah stops! Ashley and Scotty bought some essentials for their new place. We spent almost 3 hours there! crazy. Friday night we went up to my brother Todd and Sharolyn's house in Midway. My Aunt Lois and Uncle Dave and their som Brent were in town at my cousin Jenna's. So they all met us at Todd's for Thanksgiving leftovers! It was great to see them. After we had only been there an hour Ashley got sick! She got Scotty's stomach flu. Poor girl was sick all night.
Ashley and her daddy.

Ashley and Scotty

Uncle Dave and little Justin

Todd and my cousin Brent

Jenna's new baby and Justin, he wanted him to play football!

Jenna opening a few baby gifts.

Cindy, Justin and Jenna's baby.

Steve, Cindy, Baby and Aunt Lois

Tanner and baby.

We played a fun new game at Todds. It's called Ligretto.

Cindy was a good Aunt. She was reading to Emily and Justin while we played the game.


We planned to go home on Sunday, but John and Mitchell both spent Friday night in the bathroom with the flu! So we got up and put them in the car and drove home. I decided if I was going to get it, I wanted to be home! They both made it home ok. They slept the whole way! We had a good time, but it ended a little fast and yucky!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Coming soon

I've been thinking about updating my blog! I just haven't had 10 minutes to do it!

Here is a list of things going on in my head that I want to blog about. I will get caught up as soon as I get my Christmas card done! I am just getting started.... ugh.

1. Pinterest... I have made a few things I want to share with you all!
2. Thanksgiving... we went to Cindy's and had a great time until Scotty, John and Mitchell got the stomach flu.
3. Work... I have been working the last few weeks and it has been consuming my time and energy.
4. Cub Scouts... I really enjoy my new calling with the Webelos. They are cute!
5. Christmas... The decorations are up. Train is almost done. Shopping is not done. Christmas Card hasn't been started. Waiting for Ashley and Scotty to come home to take our Santa picture.
6. Blendtec... my new blender that i LOVE.

These are a few things that are coming to my blog soon! Hold tight!

*****The annual Barnes Family Train Party is this Monday and Tuesday! Come anytime between 6:30 - 9:00! (and pray that it gets done in time! haahha!)