Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I won!

My sisters and their spouses and I have been doing a "biggest loser" competition. We started 12 weeks before the wedding. We all needed a little motivation to get in shape for the wedding. We all put $50 in a pot and the person with the highest percentage of weight loss won the $.
I won!!! yahoo!!

Everyone did really good! It was very motivating to do it together! We had to send Gary our weight every Monday and he made a spread sheet telling us what our percentages were each week. Thanks Gary!!

I still have a ways to go to get to my goal weight... but, I am happy about what I have done so far! We decided to do phase 2 starting this week. I will let you know how it goes in another 12 weeks...

Good luck on phase 2... Cindy, Steve, Julie and Gary!

They had a little celebration for me!

Julie popped a little confetti popper on me and scared me to death!

Wish me luck on the next 12 weeks! 20 more pounds to go...

In case you forgot... here I am a few weeks before the competition started... yuk!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dave and Rebekah... together forever!

My little brother David got married to Rebekah Belnap on Wednesday, June 23rd in the Timpanogos Temple. I am SO happy for them both. They are a perfect match.

On Monday we went swimming at the Stoddard's pool.
It was fun to get the kids together with their cousins.
Silly Tanner....

Andrew and Brendon

Vincent, Andrew and Dallin

Grandpa with Tiffany, Charity and Natalie

The girls had a great time swimming! Tiffany, Emily and Natalie

Look at those blue eyes! Justin and Ashley... Ashley adores all her little cousins!
She almost always had one in her arms!

My little girl is all grown up...

Ashley and my mom.

The Stoddard's (Sharolyn's parents) have the best playhouse out back by the pool.
The kids love it!

On Tuesday night we had a picnic with Rebekah's family. We did this instead of lunch after the wedding. I LOVED it. It was so nice to get to know her family before we were all
sitting in the temple wondering who was who...

John and Afton.

After we ate, we each told something that we loved about Dave and Rebekah...
it was really sweet.

Ashley, Emily, Scott, Dave, Tiffany, Rebekah, Natalie and Rebekah's dad.

My mom's sister Lois came from Illinois. It was so fun to have her there!

Dallin couldn't wait to eat his cupcake!
Gary, Dallin, Shawn and Todd

This picture makes me sad that Mitchell wasn't there! He would have been right with these cousins! Mitchell was working at the ranch and he had a scout high adventure activity there. I am wishing that we would have picked him up for 2 days...

The wedding day! Perfect weather!

This is my favorite shot! Look at Tiffany running for her dad with her arms wide open!
Natalie jumped into Rebekah's arms!

They are such a cute little family!

Ashley getting her hug! Rebekah was really good to ashley last year at BYU. She would call her when she was in Provo and she would take her to the store and out to lunch!

Cute boys and girls!

Tanner and Justin!

The Westra side... all of my brothers and sisters were there! I am sure Greg and John were enjoying the day with us! We missed Jenn
(Scott's wife who is on bedrest.)

All the nieces and nephews who were there.

Rebekah's family...

I love this picture of Ashley and Charity! So pretty.

All of the Westra's... (missing Curtis and Brad on missions and
Mitchell, Angela and Jenn couldn't be there.)

The reception was up at Todd's house in Midway. It was a perfect night!

I love this picture of Justin poking grandpa! Angela looks cute with a baby!
(Just teasing you Angela!)

The girls had so much fun together!

Ashley and Angela are the only girls in their families, so they are pretty close cousins!

Natalie, Emily and Ana were hiding under the present table for the longest time!

My dad talking with Sharolyn's parents and our cousin Tricia and her daughter Michelle.

Dallin sitting at the present table...

My cute mom and dad.

Cousins hanging out!

I Love my sisters!

Love this picture of Dave and Rebekah!

Silly Scott!

Julie and Gary picked up some sparklers at the Indian reservation
on their drive down from Seattle...

Congrats Dave and Rebekah! I am so happy for you!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

camp for a day...

I signed up to help my ward cook at camp on Thursday... it was so much fun!!! We got up there at 7:00 am and left camp at 8pm. It was perfect. I wasn't sure how I would feel being there... I was nervous. I will admit that I shed a few tears when I saw the ycl's all huddled around the fire pit for their morning scripture time. I went down to say hi and i lost it. I miss them all so much. So many girls came up and gave me hugs through out the day... it made me feel good. Camp was surviving just fine without me! The new presidency was having fun and doing great.

It was hike day, so the girls made sack lunches right after breakfast... so we had several hours before we needed to make dinner, so we kidnapped Michele and went down to the lodge for lunch. We ordered about 10 different appetizers and desserts and loved them all. I haven't laughed so much and so hard in a long time! Crazy ladies!! I am sure we will all sign up again next year!

It's the perfect way to enjoy camp... sleep in your own bed, no stress before, shower in the morning, go home at the end of the night!

( Kathie with the napkin on her face...)

I have a few pictures i won't post unless i need to blackmail a few of them someday!! haha They involve a cowboy and a statue...