Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graduation Party

We had a little graduation the Saturday before graduation. Ashley and Scotty were in town for a wedding, so we partied with them. Scott and Jenn and kids came over and so did Michelle. We swam and had a nice bbq!

John cooking up some flank steak!

A nice spread. Mitchell's favorites!

Scotty and Tanner

Jack and Mitchell

Good food!

Jack and Afton

A nice mission tie!

From Ashley and Scotty

We got him nice camera for his mission
I can't believe my little boy is all graduated! It's crazy how time flies! He has grown up into a really nice young man! He has turned into a gentleman and is preparing for for his mission. It seems like yesterday he was dumping eggs on the kitchen floor and playing with power rangers! It will be hard to send him off, but I know that it is what we have raised him to do. He will be a great missionary!

All-Star Game

Mitchell got to play in the Nevada Boys volleyball all-star game! It was pretty fun to watch all the best players play together. None of them got much playing time, but they had a good time. It was at Bonanza because we won state last year.

Mitchell is number 4

It was great to have our coach!

Funeral trip

I can't believe I am so far behind! I hate it when I do that! We are driving back from the beach, so I have some time to get caught up! This is a long one...

On May 26th we went up to Idaho Falls for Grandma Barnes' funeral. We stopped in Utah for a day to break up the trip. The funeral was on the 29th. We met up with John's family in Idaho on Sunday evening. We all stayed at the same hotel and we had a nice reunion! Annette came from Chicago with all of her kids. Edie and Luke came from Wyoming with their 4 kids. Barbara came and her kids are came. Debbie came alone and Cathi came alone. Cathi's son Kurtis goes to BYU-I, so he came. We missed having their families there.

Our first stop was Trafalga in Orem. We had to use our passes! Ashley and Scotty met us there.

Putt Putt golf. The boys had to hit the ball out of the water.
Playing a few arcade games!

Ashley hit the magic button for 500 tickets The guy had to come refill the tickets!

Then she hit it again!!! 1000 tickets!!! She decided to hold on to them and redeem them next time!

Cathi and Kris and Keaton were in Provo for a BYU baseball game, so we met up and had dinner with them. Keaton and Kris had to go home before the funeral because of practice and work. We were happy we got to see them before they left. Keaton got a scholarship to play on BYU's baseball team next year! pretty exciting!
We stopped for yogurt after dinner. We always have to stop to see a new yogurt store!

Mitchell and Scotty
We were able to welcome Annette and family to Utah! They had a very long drive! Poor Annette was exhausted. She had taken care of Grandma for the last 2 weeks of her life and then jumped in the car and drove 24 hours to get to the funeral! Keaton had never met Annette's kids. Crazy! We need to get together more!!

We spent the night at my parents in Lehi and then drove up to Idaho on Sunday.  We stopped in Pocatello to see my brother Mark and his family. It happened to be Bradley's birthday. It was good to see them. We hadn't seen Bradley since he got home from his mission. He was great! He was so mature and all grown up!

Happy Birthday Brad!

Taylor, Mitchell, Tanner, Ashley, Scotty, Trevor, Carley and Brad.
Katherine made a really good pasta dish! I need the recipe!
Taylor, Katherine and Mark

Tanner playing in the hail!

We made it to Idaho Falls and met up with everyone at the hotel. The kids loved all the canadian geese out back!

Cienna and Caden

We had a beautiful view of the temple out back of the hotel!

Luke and the kids

We had dinner at Chuck a Rama... The kids loved it!

Cienna eating her dessert!

Mitchell made a creation with his slurpee!

Tanner had to make one too!

John, Cathi, Adam, Shelley and Barb
We found an empty conference room at the hotel. We sort of took it over! We played games, had a pizza party in it. No one ever told us to get out...

Playing scum.... Annette, Ammon, Tanner, Natalie, Lauren, Scotty and Mitch

Pizza party! left to rt. Kurtis, Debbie, Barb, Katheryn, Natalie, Lauren and Cathi

John, Edie and Luke

Ashley and Scotty.

Carter, Caden and Chloe having a picnic

We went on a walk along the river. It was beautiful!  Everett, Cienna, Caden, Carter and Ammon

Idaho Falls

The kids love to play Mafia when we get together with all the Barnes side. It's a crazy game that I don't really care for... But they love it. We always play it at Cathi's house.

Debbie, Ashley, Scotty, Mitchell and Tanner

It got pretty intense!

Left to rt... Kurtis, Stephanie, Debbie, Ashley, Scotty, Mitchell, Tanner, John, Luke, Cathi, Lauren, Kathryn, Adam and Natalie

My cute girl!

The hotel had a pool. The kids had a great time in it.

Looks like a meeting of some sort

John trying to teach his buddy Ammon how to swim

Lauren kept an eye on everyone!

The funeral was Tuesday morning and everything went really well. We had a nice turnout and some old family friends surprised us by coming. Edie gave the eulogy, Cathi told some nice memories, Barb, Steph and Annette did a musical number and John gave a nice talk. It was really nice.

The whole group at the Mud Lake Cemetery

Stephanie and Kevin

Shelly wanted to be part of the shot!

My family!

The kids!

John and I. People sent beautiful flowers!

Barb's friends did a nice luncheon for us!

Scotty taught the boys how to make a tie into a bow tie while you eat!

Ammon, Annette, Everett and Lauren

Lauren, Merideth, Natalie and Debbie

Cute Chloe

Kurtis and Cathi

Sam and Adam

Shelley looking beautiful!

Stephanie and Kevin

Adam digging into the dessert!

Ashley and Cienna

The Barnes Family. Barbara, Edie, Debbie, John, Annette and Cathi
It was a really sad occasion. We miss Grandma Barnes a lot! But it was really nice to get together. Hopefully we can do a better job at having reunions! We love all of them miss them!