Monday, July 9, 2012

Independence Day

We had a really nice 4th of July! Scott, Jenn and the kids came over to swim. We were swimming for about an hour and then it started to rain!! Crazy, I know! NO rain in months, and then it rains on a holiday! Big bummer. We went inside and decided to watch a war movie. We watched "Behind Enemy Lines." I love that movie! It helped us feel grateful for our country! We are so lucky to live in the USA!!!

Cute family photo! Jack would not smile!!

Hot tubin!

Jenn's new bag!

Crazy John

rain clouds!

Tanner flippin

The rain stopped and Michelle and Joanna (Jenn's mom) came over for dinner. We BBQ'd an all American meal! hamburgers! and we had corn on the cob, fruit and chips and salsa.The rain actually cooled things down and we had a really nice evening!!

Afton helping make dessert!

cute girl!!

Enjoying dinner


so good!! I love summer fruit!!

Jenn made a delicious dessert!! Very patriotic!

Our new neighbors put on quite a fireworks show!! I can't imagine how much $ they spent! They were really big and loud! jack hated it! He made Jenn take him inside.

Afton loved the sparklers!

Joanna sporting her patriotic attire!

Jenn trying to show Jack that they aren't all loud!
We are so lucky to live in this great country! I am so glad we take a day to celebrate this great land that we live in!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beach life....

We were lucky to get to go to the Jarman's beach house in Oceanside, CA again this summer! We had a wonderful time!! We were there June 18-24th. We decided to invite the Barnes side this year. Cathi was planning on coming the first half of the week and Debbie came the last half. But about 2 days before we left, Cathi cancelled. So my parents and Scott and Jenn joined us the first half. we had a great time with everyone! We were sad that Ashley and Scotty couldn't come. Work just gets in the way sometimes! Dang!

As usual, I took lot's of pictures! So enjoy these! The first night we went to Ruby's down on the pier! Yum!!
Dinner was great and so was the view!

We had a great time in the water!!

We caught some great waves!

Tanner really wanted to go fishing on the pier. So all the boys went down one morning and rented some fishing poles. Mitch didn't really want to go, so of course he was the one to catch a fish!! They had about 5 minutes left on their hour rental and Mitch caught a 22 inch Halibut! Happy day! They came back and cut it up and made it for lunch! It was really good!
Fisher boys!

Aren't my parents the cutest?!! I think so!! Yes, my dad is still boogie boarding at almost 80! Mom really wanted to go, but her hip was bothering her.
Playing in the water, walking on the pier and eating ice cream while watching the sunset.

I love my honey!!

John and I spent a lot of time out in the water together! 
I love swimming in the ocean!!

Misc pictures with Afton and Jack. I love how much my kids love their cousins! It is so fun to watch!
Jack loved the soccer ball! I bribed Afton with a gumball, she had to say I was her favorite Aunt!

We didn't have a lot of beach this year, so not very many sand castles. But, John and Afton made one good one the first day.
Beach fun and great family time. Mitch read the 2nd Hunger Games book in 2 days!

Debbie and Steve joined us on Thursday just in time to go to the street market for dinner. We love that!! Our boys had a great time hanging with Blake and Max. 
Kids playing on the beach, Tanner loved kicking the soccer ball in the ocean and having it come back to him! Uncle Steve tried snorkeling and always had his camera going! 

We played some Phase 10 and scum at night. Fun times!

More misc pictures. That is Debbie under the towels! She fell asleep, so I covered her up! good thing we did, because she got burnt on her neck pretty bad. The bottom right corner is my good friend Carrie. We met at BY Hawaii 27 years ago! We have kept in touch over the years with Christmas cards and now facebook. She lives down in San Diego and she drove up to spend the day with me. It was great to catch up! We reminisced on good times in Hawaii! I think it's time for a reunion over there!!
Lunch on the beach & dinner at the market. Blake was taller than Mitch!

We were treated with a sunset every night! So beautiful!!
We LOVE the ocean and are so thankful that we got to spend a week there!! It always makes us happy and refreshed! We had lots of time to think, rest and play! What more could you ask for??

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Graduate

Mitchell graduated on June 11, 2012 at the Orleans Arena! We are so proud of him!! I still can't wrap my brain around it. How did this happen so fast?? I know I keep saying that, but it is so strange how time flies!

The night before Bonanza's graduation was  seminary graduation. I am SO happy that he graduated from seminary! That isn't easy! Seminary starts at 5:50 am for us! way early!! Mitch was lucky to have some great teachers over the years! he liked them all!

The Canyon Gate Ward kids. Caroline, Jessica, Jake and Mitch

Michelle and Mitchell

Sandstone Stake graduates (some had gone home already) Brother Bunker is the seminary Grandpa! he goes every morning and makes sure they all go to class and don't hang in the halls. He is amazing! The kids love him!!

Bonanza's graduation was really nice! The speakers were great and it was nice and short! We were outside in an hour!

Michelle welcomed everyone. She did great.

Mitchell shaking the principal's hand

The happy graduate!!


The proud parents!

His leadership medallion

One of his favorite teachers. Mr. Kalinowski

Afton was being shy!


Kristen loves Tanner!

Best Friends!

The family! Ashley was so sad she couldn't get off work! We missed she and Scotty.

Jack was ready for a nap!
Jack really loves his Mitchell. He walks around the house saying "Mitch O Game!" He loved going to his volleyball games! He looks all over the house for him! So cute!!

Great friend Kenny

Aunt Jenn came with the kids.

His good friend Dillon Dudley. He goes to Palo.

After graduation we went down to the Palazzo and had lunch at the Grand Luxe. So yummy!!
waiting for food!

They made him a cute dessert!

Good job Mitchell!! We are so proud of you!!