Sunday, September 30, 2012


John and I are in Chicago (South Elgin) for the grand opening of the fourth Yumz store! It's so exciting!! The last 2 stores have been opened by a franchisee.

The store looks great! I love all the windows!!

The South Elgin city council came for a ribbon cutting!

Radio station came and gave away Justin Bieber tickets!

Friday night we went to Matt and Lori's kids high school football game. Yumz was recognized for being a booster club sponsor. They fed us dinner and we got seats right behind the end zone on the field! It was fun. They get great turnouts for their games.

Saturday morning we went to Annette's for a quick visit. It was great to see them!

We decided to get a hotel last night that was near the airport. It was pretty ghetto looking on the outside, but our room was nice. We felt like we were in a tropical place!!

This is my first blog post from my phone. I hope it works!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

can't think of a title...

Well, I can't think of a good title for this last week. It was kind of boring! John was out of town for most of the week and I missed him. I sat around feeling sad the first of the week and then I got into a groove and got a lot done!!! I did a few pinterest projects, cleaned out my scrapbook room, cleaned the bathrooms (this is a big deal! my least favorite job.) and did some organizing in iPhoto. On Wednesday night the boys and I went to help Scott with a leak in his front yard. The boys worked hard! They found it fast and we were home in time for Mitch to go to institute!

Mitch smoothing the dirt back out

McDonalds for dinner!

Eating with the kids! 
 Our neighbors got a new puppy! It is SO CUTE!! We are trying to be better neighbors and missionaries. I went walking with her this week. 

 One of my projects... 

I wanted to get my pens organized and have them lay flat. (they work better that way) I looked all over for the right kind of containers to put them in and couldn't find what I wanted... Then one day while I was thinking about it, i thought of using mason jars! What a great idea, right! I thought I was brilliant, I would save money and everything! (I hot glued them together.) Then last night I was looking through my pinterest pictures and I saw this idea... then I realized I wasn't brilliant, I had seen it done before and forgot all about it! Took the wind out of my sails! Sometimes I think I am loosing my mind!
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Then I organized my ribbons! I had bought a curtain rod at Ikea a long time ago. I hung it all by myself and stuck my ribbons on it! It looks cute!!! Not sure how practical it is... what if I want to add another spool of red and I think they will get dusty?? Oh well, it looks good and makes me smile.

John was in Chicago opening Yumz store number 3! So exciting!! This is our first store opened by a franchisee! This franchisee is opening 6 stores in the next 2 months! Way cool. It is in a city called Bolingbrook. He worked really hard and came home feeling pretty sick. I don't think he got enough sleep there!

Mitchell's passport came on Saturday! Now we are working on his Visa papers and then immunizations. 

Well, that was our week! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I hope they call me on a mission!

I've been trying to prepare my boy for this event his entire life! I can't believe it is finally here! Mitchell got his mission call on Thursday! He is going to the Mexico Culianc├ín Mission. He will serve for 2 years and only be able to call home on Christmas and Mothers Day. How will I survive?? I suppose I will!  I know I will love my weekly emails!!

Mission calls usually arrive in Las Vegas on Thursdays and since there was a holiday that week I thought it would come Friday. But it came Thursday!! It took all my willpower to leave it in the mailbox and not open it!

I mixed it in with the junk mail!

It's here!!! So excited!!
 We hurried and called Scott and Jenn and invited them over and a few of Mitchell's friends... I ordered pizza because I couldn't cook. I was too nervous! Tested out the skype to make sure we could skype with Ashley and Grandma and Grandpa. 

Michelle brought jack his own bunt cake for his birthday! He wouldn't let go of it and could hardly eat his pizza because he wanted it so bad! So cute! And she brought Afton this really cute cardboard princess village! The kids were so excited!!

We got Mitchell's favorite pizza, Manhattan pizza. We got the huge colossal one. As big as Afton!

Michelle adding her guess to the list!

It's time!! We had camera's, video camera's and skype calls going! 

(Jenn  made the cute sign for Jack's birthday party!)

Culiacán Mexico!!! He reports to the MTC January 9th, 2013
So happy!!
 I was really expecting state side, so when he said Mexico I pictured New Mexico! It took me a minute to process it! 
His call letter!

We got the globe out to see where exactly it was! Michelle's mom Alma helped him find it! 

Big smiles!!

The map of the mission. It's the greyed out section! Over on the Baja peninsula side and the mainland side. It should be beautiful! It covers a lot of the coast! A lot of tourist towns, Cabo & Mazatlan...

We are so proud of Mitchell for making this decision! It's what we have always wanted for him and we know he will be blessed for his service! He will be a great missionary! I can't wait for him to start teaching the gospel! 

I can't believe he is old enough for this already!! I know I keep saying this! But really, how did this happen?? 

Last trip of the summer

We decided to head up to see Ashley and Scotty for the last long weekend of the summer! We had a fun trip. We stayed at my parents and loved seeing them! They are so cute. I did a terrible job taking pictures! I am so sad about that!

Saturday was Swiss Days up in Midway, so we decided to check that out. It was crazy busy! Lots of cute stuff though! Ashley took better pictures than I did... see her blog post here.

loved spending the day with my girl! 

My cute kids! Eating scones!

This boy is crazy?? Is he really mine??

After we survived the craziness of Swiss Days we went to see our new niece Aubrey Joy Westra. They live just a few minutes away. Aubrey is only a couple weeks old and so cute!!! Sharolyn is such a good mom! This is baby number 6 for Todd and Sharolyn. 3 of each! 

Ashley getting to know her new cousin! 

Auntie Allison

Tanner loves babies!!
 We loved our visit with cute little Aubrey! And of course we loved seeing all the kids! They are so cute!

Sunday we went to church with Ashley and Scotty. It was nice to see that they have a good ward and the members love them! 

the boys playing a little wii after church

Our next visit was to see our great nephew! That makes me sound really old! Our niece Sam and husband Jake live in Draper, so we stopped by to say hi. Christopher is getting so old! He was so cute. He loved showing the boys all of his toys! Sam is a good little mom and she has a supper cute house.  And she made us really good peach cobbler! 

Cute Christopher

On Monday we went to 7 Peaks water park. We had bought some passes for it last spring and never used we used them the last day of the season! It was really busy! Picture every young family in Provo there!! We wish we had more time there, but we really enjoyed spending the day together! We will have to go a few times next year! But man, they nickel and dime you for everything! We got a great deal on the passes, but parking is $7, locker $6, tube rental $5 each!! crazy!!  it was worth it though!! We loved our last weekend of summer!!