Thursday, September 27, 2007

Musical Mitchell...

Last night was the open house at Johnson Junior High and the symphonic band played a few numbers while the parents were arriving. They sounded great. I tried to attach a little video that I took and couldn't get it to upload...oh well. You will just have to come for a concert. I talked to his band teacher last night and he was telling me that Mitchell is getting really good and he can't believe he's only been playing for 2 years. He's had a great teacher, Mr. Matta is an amazing band teacher. He's not your ordinary junior high teacher, he really teaches them about life and how to be a good person and going after your dreams. A really good man! Mitchell really loves and respects him. We are so happy Mitch decided to play the bass and not the drums, not sure I could handle the noise!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My "Simple" Friends

My very good friends, Stacy Julian and Wendy Smedley were in town this week for Memory Trends (a scrapbook manufactureers show). I was able to go down and hear Stacy give the Keynote address, it was awsome. She is an amazing speaker. It's definately her BIW. (she spoke about finding your Best In the World) It made me think about what I am best in the world at...not sure I've found my answer yet, but I am sure we all have one. I will let you know when I figure mine out. Yesterday I was able to walk the show with Stacy and Wendy and a few other great ladies from Simple Scrapbooks magazine and see all the fun new scrapbook products coming to your local stores soon! I saw some great stuff and got some samples. It truly got me inspired to scrapbbok more. I love this hobby!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


OH HEYY this is ashley. well the day has come, i've finally been asked to my first school dance! I'm going with one of my good friends Ned Meservey. (he's a total stud) Here's how he asked me... i had been at the mall all day and when i came home i found a tub of butter waiting for me. the butter had a sign on it that said to look inside for a surprise, so i had to dig through this nasty butter and find a little plastic container. When i opened the container there was a little slip of paper that said "woops, wrong place.. go to your room!" haha what a trick. so i go up to my room and opened the door and i have never seen so much popcorn in my LIFE! it was on the floor, in my shoes, on my bed, on the fan, all over my desk... EVERYWHERE. i uncovered the popcorn on my bed and there was a poster that said "now that i've buttered you all up i thought i'd POP the question... will you go to homecoming with me?" it was way cute and i am so incredibly excited i cant even explain. I'm in the process right now of thinking up of a good way to get him back.. it took me 30 minutes to get all that popcorn out and i am still finding it in little places! it filled up half of a big garbage bag. so any ideas of getting him back? let me know.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tanner's 1st Football Game

Since this is a "family" blog, I needed to make some entries in it too. And add some good websites to the sidebar. (John)

Today was Tanner's first football game. He was very nervous, but did great. He's a middle linebacker with the sole responsibility of pressuring the quarterback. He was tenatious.... He would run at the QB with wreckless abandonment and almost sacked him twice. Coach said he's got speed and attitude.

It was a proud day. Tanner's team--the Cowboys--won 55-20. He did very well.

photo decor - updated

I made this family photo - decor wall hanging a few months ago and I just updated it. So I thought I would share it with you. We had this big ugly painting that sat in a closet for a few years and John painted the frame black and put a coat of white paint over the canvas. We were going to get a family photo made into a canvas and hang it, but I saw something like this at a scrapbook store and decided to give it a try. I love it.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tanner's butterfinger moment

Well, it's been a rough 3 weeks of school for Tanner and the rest of our family. Rough for Tanner because he wants to be in a different class with his best friend Jaden. Rough for us because when Tanner isn’t happy – no one is happy! He has been very negative about his teacher and kids in his class in hopes that we would switch teachers. We have tried our best to be tough and tell him that he can't switch and he needs to deal with it and make the best of the situation….but after 2 weeks of an angry Tanner we called the principal and asked him what we should do. He said we’d have to wait a while before he could decide because he had to look at the numbers in all the classes. So we have been giving Tanner talks about making new friends and looking for positive things about his teacher and it hasn’t worked. He comes home everyday angry and negative about his teacher and kids in his class. I was working out with a friend yesterday who was telling me that she gives her girls 6 M&M’s (one of each color) after they practice the piano and I had an AHA moment! BRIBERY! I ran to Target and bought 20 Butterfinger bars and told him if he can tell me 5 things he likes about his teacher or classmates everyday after school he gets a Butterfinger! Day 1 worked. He was happy when he got home and rattled off 5 things! Cross your fingers that it will work for a while, because I was about to give our cute little Tanner away!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Scrapbooked!

My good friend Stacy left me a comment on my Hawaii blog and said "How can you NOT scrapbook that picture of Ashley and the turtle?" That got me thinking....and I was in the temple yesterday and my mind was wondering and I got thinking about what kind of goals I wanted to set for myself this school year. The kids are in school and I have time during the day, so i was contemplating what I should work on during the week besides housework. And I realized that I needed to set some time aside to start scrapbooking again! So I decided I should start with my picture of Ashley and the turtle. I was reading my Simple Scrapbooks magazine the other day and saw this really cute layout and it inspired me to make this one. I forgot how happy scrapbooking makes me! I feel so good right now! So Thanks Stacy for inspiring me once again!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

This is the life.......

( I wrote this on Saturday but was having a hard time getting it to post....) We are up in Brian Head at Dix’s cabin for the weekend. We are with some great friends having a wonderful time. The teenage boys are out paint balling, the dad’s and Rene’e (she is as fit as the men) are out mountain biking, Ashley and I just got back from 4 wheeling and Tanner has been shooting the bb gun and riding the 4 wheeler. Fun times…I will write more later! I think I will take a nap…or read a book.