Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Scrooge??

Is there such a thing as the Halloween Scrooge?? I feel like one this year and I can't figure out why?? I don't have any decorations up and I have no desire to get them up. Well, maybe a little desire. I have a few excuses running in my head as to why I haven't gotten them out...

1. They are stored under my stairs and it is quite an ordeal to get them out. If I attempt this task, then I would have to open the closet door and take everything out to get to the secret passage under the stairs and it is a HUGE mess in there. I would take a picture to prove it, but then you would judge me a a really messy person. There are full backpacks from the end of school last year in there... just to give one example of what is hiding in that closet. So, until I have few hours to organize it right, I don't feel like going in there.

2. I am trying really hard to eat good. I have been going back to Weight Watchers and I have lost 8 pounds since summer... but I have a LONG way to go and the thought of Halloween makes me hungry and probably adds 5 pounds just thinking of the yummy candy! I LOVE HALLOWEEN CANDY. The thought of trick or treating gets me excited and takes me back to my childhood when we would go out the door the minute dinner was done and we wouldn't come back until we hit the whole neighborhood. I lived in a big neighborhood! When we got home, I would sort my candy and count how many Reeses i got and give my parents all the Almond Joys and Mounds bars. I could write a whole post on my thought process of eating what candy first and how much I enjoy each kind of candy, but i will spare you and one of these days I am going to make a candy scrapbook with all my crazy reasons why I love certain candies. So, back to my original point of not decorating, I am worried that if I have Halloween decorations up, i just might stop at Target and buy halloween candy to put around the house and then I will be in trouble... so, out of sight, out of mind is working right now.

3. We aren't even going to be home for Halloween, so why decorate. We are headed to Utah for Nevada Day.

So, until I get a burst of energy or some will power to stay away from candy in my house, I just might leave it all in the closet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little visitors...

We watched 3 of the cutest kids last week! John's sister Edie dropped off her 3 kids on Wednesday and picked them up on Sunday. It was a bit of an adjustment getting used to diapers, nap time, car seats, high chairs, baby food, bottles, gates, watching the movie Cars 100 times and sippy cups all over again... but we enjoyed it! The kids were SO GOOD! They slept through the night and took great naps... what more can you ask for??

I took them to 2 of Mitchell's soccer games... I know it was brave of me. The first one was at Clark and I had Tanner and Grandma to help... so things went really smooth. The second one was WAY out at Desert Oasis and I managed that one alone! We had a movie for the car and lots of snacks and drinks. The boys loved watching the ball go back and forth and I taught Carter how to say "Go Bonanza!" (we won both games!)

Cienna and Caden watching the game.
( I had to call Edie to have her tell me how to shut that huge stroller... I felt stupid!)

Tanner and Carter getting a snack...

Carter and I... Grandma Barnes in the background... (She was at Edie's, so she came up to Vegas and she flew home on Thursday from here.)
Cienna in a sea of toys.. but notice that she has the remote!

On Friday morning we joined the young moms in the
ward at the park... I am sure that they see me as an old lady, but I still feel
like I am their age... It was fun to hang with them!

Our secret to an early bedtime was wearing them out on the trampoline! They loved it!

Cienna wasn't scared at all! She crawled all over and didn't mind when the boys
ran into her or bounced her over!

It was great to get to know our cute little niece and nephews better and give Edie a little break. (her husband is up in Wyoming working...) I will miss them this week! They kept me busy that's for sure. I will miss Cienna cuddling with me when she wakes up and I will miss Caden trying to say new words... he loved calling Mitchell's name! and I will miss Carter playing with his little train set! We love you guys!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A & A

Ashley LOVES Afton!!! and her trip home was not complete until Scott and Jenn brought this cute little girl over! We love Scott and Jenn, but we don't fight over them like we do her.

Afton is at that age that she isn't so sure about you unless mom and dad are right there...

Daddy to the rescue!
Ashley came home late Friday night... we loved having her here for the weekend. We went to Farm Basket for lunch! A must for her. Then we ran a few errands... picked up a shoe rack for her room, got her some tights for cold Sundays and enjoyed walking around the mall together. Then we all went to the BYU-UNLV football game. It was awesome! Dix got us tickets on the 50 yard line, 10th row. Does it get any better than that?? Yes, it does, you win 59-21! It was a beautiful night... we never had to put our sweatshirts on! LOVE the Fall in Vegas!

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It was hard to say goodbye to Ashley again! But we know she is where she is suppose to be and she is having lots of fun.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Intense game...

Mitchell's game against Western was pretty crazy on Friday... you would have thought it was a football game at times. The kids were very pumped up because we have only lost 2 games and one of them was against Western... so they wanted to win this one bad! And there was still a lot of tension in the air because of the big fight at the football between these two schools last week. I guess there was a big fight midway through the game and they called the game.

So, the game was very rough and we had the worst ref ever! He only blew his whistle when the Western boys fell down and we the parents were going crazy! Seriously this guy on Western fell down and expected the whistle to blow so he he started to pick up the ball and then realized that the whistle never blew so they kept playing and the ref didn't even call a hand ball! He was right there! ugh. The we all yelled so bad that the ref was mad at Bonanza, so he called some stupid penalty on us and gave us a yellow card and let Western shoot a penalty kick. they made it, so we were up 2-1 with about 5 minutes left. we played tough and won the game, but it was intense.

This is the kid who picked up the ball and didn't get called for it. I wish Tanner had snapped the camera 2 seconds later and you could see it.

After the game, the teams were ready to do a cheer and shake hands and our goalie went over to yell at a kid who spit in his face and half our team went running after him and coaches went running... I thought it was going to the football game brawl all over again. Our coach is a cop, so he was being all protective and made us all walk to the bus together and then the school administrator from Western walked with us and said "I will escort you to the bus!" I was a little nervous! But we were so excited to win!!! Mitchell played a great game. He jsut got moved to forward and he is doing a great job there!
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Friday, October 9, 2009

So happy!

This girl is coming home tonight! I can't tell you how much I have missed Ashley since she has been away at school! I haven't written about it yet, because I didn't want her to be more homesick than she already is... but I figure if she is coming home tonight, I can write about it now... I am sure that after a weekend at home, she will be ready to leave again.... and won't be homesick anymore.

I miss her coming home from school and telling me about her day...
I miss going to the gym with her...
I miss her laughing at Tanner at the dinner table...
I miss her coming in late and telling us what she was up too all night...
I miss her barging through the front door after a long day at work...
I miss having another girl in the house...
I miss her always messy pink room...
I miss her driving Mitchell around for me...
I miss going to Cafe Rio with her...
I miss watching Oprah with her...

I miss so many more things!

I am so grateful that she calls me often and keeps me up to date with everything going on in her life!

Love you Ashley! See ya tonight!

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Old friends...

My good friend Mauri came to visit this week. It was so fun to have her here and just hangout. Mauri moved to Bellevue when we were in 7th grade. Our wards split a few years later and we ended up in the same ward. In college, she ended up marrying one of my favorite cousins! So, now we are related and forever connected. We hung out with our friend Rene'e who lives here too. (I've known Rene'e since kindergarten... the 3 of us had a great time in high school together and then we were roommates in college.) We went to Fashion Show Mall on Monday and enjoyed lunch and then we went to the temple together on Tuesday morning. It was a fun few days! I am so glad that I have stayed connected with so many of my "old" friends! I couldn't make it through life without my girlfriends, old and new!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's live!

Remember a while back I told you I was doing some work for my good friend Stacy... well her website went live today. Check it out... you will be able to see why I love her so much. She is so creative and full of life. She is an inspiration to so many people.

Click here to go to her site.

Good job Stacy!!