Monday, March 19, 2012


I feel like a hypocrite! John and I spoke at our Stake Relief Society conference on Saturday about journaling/blogging/scrapbooking. It was so much fun to work with John on this! But one of the main things we stressed to the class was to start now and don't try to catch up! Well, I haven't been a good blogger lately because I have 4 files of pictures that need to be blogged before I blog about this last weekend! So, here I go... no catch up!

My parents came to visit this weekend. It turned out to be a great weekend to be here. Here are the reasons why:

1. Mitchell had a volleyball game Friday and they got to go to that.I can't believe it's volleyball season already! As soon as it is over, school will be about out! And Mitchell will be graduating! crazy!
a little blurry, took these with my phone...

huddle time..

2. We had an amazing RS conference Saturday morning that mom got to come with me too. The keynote speaker was and artist by the name of Julie Rogers. (click here for her website) She paints pioneer pictures. She was AMAZING! I think we all could have listened to her all day! I wanted to hear the story behind each picture. The ones she told were so inspiring. After the main speaker we got to choose 3 different classes to go to. They were all great! (Well, I would have enjoyed going to one rather than speaking at one during the 2nd hour!) But like I said, John and I had a good time preparing it together! John bet Keri (she is the st. rs president) that only 5 people would come to our class! There were about 40! So we owe she and Nick dinner!)

3. Afton's 3rd birthday party was Saturday afternoon. (The main reason Grandma and Grandpa came down.) The party was lots of fun! She got some really cute things. But I must admit that the dress I picked out for her got the facial expression from her! I cant believe I didn't have my camera ready! ugh. She LOVED it! We were supposed to wear neon to the party! Jenn always has the cutest themed party's.

The birthday girl!

Jenn getting everything ready

The Barnes family with our neon on. I guess Tanner forgot!

Grandpa with his neon hat!

You can sort of see her reaction to my dress! Her little friend unwrapped it and is holding it up.

hugging the dress!

Jack getting some cake! Tanner sporting a necklace headband.

I could not get the little guy to smile!

Mitchell went to The Formal on Saturday night. It is a formal dance for all the church kids 16-18. He took Michelle and had a great time.  The dance was down at the World Market Center.

I wasn't able to get any pictures of them because I was over at Brenda's house making dinner for a group of kids going to the dance. Several people in the stake signed up to serve dinner for a group of youth going to the dance. I don't have a big enough dinning room, so a few of us told our friend Brenda that we would help with the dinner if she hosted it. It was really easy and fun! The kids were so cute!

Michelle and Marianne getting dessert ready

Michelle found these really cute glasses for little desserts. Key lime pie, cheesecake and brownie with ice cream!

4. John had to give a high council talk in the Monte Cristo ward Sunday. So mom and dad came to that. He did a great job! I love listening to him speak. He always has someone come up to him after and ask for a copy of his talk. It's funny. He has a little fan base!

5. Scott and Jenn came over for dinner Sunday afternoon. We had a salmon bbq. It was delicious!

Thanks for staying with us mom and dad! We loved having you.