Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chef Tanner

Tanner was desperate for something to do and he needed some money to pay for scout camp and other spending money. So we came up with a plan...

He made chocolate chip cookie dough and his secret peanut butter cookie dough... froze cookie balls and then sold them by the dozen. I think he sold about 60 dozen cookies!

He did 90% of the work! I was impressed. He even cleaned up after himself! He loves to bake! He likes to add secret ingredients to recipes... things like brown sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup and peanut butter! If you ordered his peanut butter ones, you know they were sweet! I don't want to know the calories in them! I have a hard time being around cookie dough! It wasn't a good diet week!

He had one little mishap... he dropped the cocoa powder!
it was all over...it's hard to see in the picture because it was the same color as the floor!

Oceanside 2010

A few weeks ago, a friend let us know that their beach house was available the 2nd week of July and they asked if we wanted to go... how could we pass that up?? Unfortunately it was short notice, so we couldn't arrange for Mitchell and Ashley to get off work... big bummer. I hate that my kids are getting so old that it effects our family life. I wish they were all little again! They used to love to travel with us and play games... now they want to be with friends, be on the computer and they have jobs that get in the way... I am sure it will only get worse... i am not looking forward to it. So all of you with little ones... I know they are hard... but have fun! They grow up way too fast!!

Anyway... My parents happened to be in town helping Scott and Jenn, so they came with us. Then we invited 2 of John's sisters to come along. Barbara is going through a tough trial and we thought she could use the beach therapy! She is staying at Cathi's in Mesa, so they both came. And Cathi's son Keaton came with them.

It was a beautiful week at the beach! High 70's, sunny skies! We got lucky, it was the hottest week of the summer in Vegas... 115 all week! We were happy to be away!

I enjoyed jogging on the beach every morning! Something I can't do at home right now... too hot! We played games, relaxed on the beach, bbq'd, built sand castles, read books, swam, walked to the pier and boogie boarded! The only thing wrong was Ashley and Mitchell weren't there! Ashley had planned for months to go to the beach on the Friday that we were there... so she and her friends drove down to San Diego on Thursday night to one of their relatives and they came and hung out on the beach with us on Friday. It was fun to have them for the day!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the week...

How beautiful! Right outside the door...

Boogie boarding...

Grandpa! The kids next to us asked Tanner how old he was...
they were impressed that he was still out there!


Beautiful sunsets!

John always has to build a castle!

Love hanging with my honey!

Tanner hitting some balls...

So pretty! Dad took this one!

I woke up to this nice note on the beach!

B-day lunch... John got me a Baskin Robbins cake! YUM!!

Dinner overlooking the harbor... good company, not so good food... bummer.

This is the sunset we saw while we ate!

My dad forgot to sunscreen his feet... they got so sunburned that he had to go to the dr. to get big blisters taken care of...if you want to see pics of the blisters, look at my facebook pics.
Not sure I want to gross you all out!

John, Cathi and Barbara

Cathi and Keaton

4 of the fab 5! Kristine, Leah, Kami and Ashley

The girls getting some sun!

If you could only hear them screaming!

Tanner and Dad playing some Frisbee...

I think he got buried a dozen times!

Watching the sunset...

Me and my daddy.
Not sure how I missed getting a picture of my mom! Sorry mom.
I hardly took any pictures. Most of these are my dads.

There is something magical about the beach. I came home very relaxed and refreshed.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

22 years!

22 years ago today I married the man of my dreams!! I never imagined 22 years ago that I would love him as much as I do today!

We were able to spend Tuesday night and all day Wednesday up in Brian Head to celebrate our anniversary! It was so peaceful and beautiful! I love it up there and LOVE being away with my honey!!

I love you John!! I can't wait to spend eternity with you!!

This one is for Julie, Edie and Angela... the only family who reads my blog!