Sunday, February 1, 2009

best and worst

Here are the best and worst of last week... (we still do this at dinner every night! The kids complain, but it helps us learn about everyones day)

1. Ashley and Mitchell & Amanda Hansen were safe in Ashley's little fender bender.
2. Tanner participated in his last pinewood derby!! He had a sweet looking car!
3. Tanner earned his Arrow of Light in the cub scout program.
4. Ashley was brave in one her classes and expressed her feeling about abortion. The teacher was all for it and she told him that she totally disagreed with him! She is a good little missionary.
5. John found out that he has a business trip in San Diego in March, and I get to go with him!!
6. Sales were up a bit at Sunburst Shutters this week! John is helping them launch a new program where they will now sell all kinds of window treatments. He has been extremely busy with this and its nice to see that it is working!
7. I was able to go to the temple on Wednesday.
8. Learned some great grocery shopping tips.
9. John got to go to a missionary meeting with L. Tom Perry
10. We had a great youth conference pizza planning meeting Friday night.
11. Tanner had his DARE graduation.
12. Church was great today.
13. Mitchell actually invited friends over to the house on Friday night. And they had a good time!

1. Ashley was in an accident.
2. My baby is growing up too fast. I can't believe he is in 11 year old scouts. We will miss pack meetings...
3. Ashley is going to be poor after she pays the insurance deductible.
4. John has been pretty stressed out at work. 
5. John and I each had different church meetings this weekend, so we didn't get a date night.

I guess it's a good week when I have more bests than worsts!!


Jan said...

i love your best list...full of "little" things... but the things that truly make a day (or week) great!

love that Ashley! she totally sparked me to get up & bear my testimony... thanks Ash!

Edie and Luke said...

Luke and I haven't had a date in months- I'm glad you guys get to go once a week!