Saturday, February 14, 2009

spur of the moment...

At about 5:00 Friday I decided to plan a spur of the moment night away with John... We were having a hard time making Valentines Day plans because the kids had things planned Saturday night and no one would commit to watching Tanner for us... so at 5:00 Friday night Ashley was taking a nap and Mitchell had no plans for the night, so i thought maybe we should go out that night and beet the crowds at the restaurants... then i thought it would be fun to get away for the night... I got onto and found a nice hotel room for $50. It was so nice to get away for the night!! We went to dinner at one of our favorite places... the Grand Lux in the Venetian. Then we walked around the shops at the new Palazzo tower. (I had never used priceline before... i was nervous we would get a dive, but i learned that you pick how many stars you want the hotel to be and name your price and it worked just fine! My $40 bid got rejected.. I was trying to be real cheap...)

I love my Valentine!! Thanks for being the love of my life!!!

The phrase "spur of the moment" reminds me of a challenge we had early in our marriage... My family was a spur of the moment type of family ( I think its because we lived in Seattle and we always had to plan things quick if the sun was out... you couldn't plan on that in advance. I remember my parents waking us up early in the morning and taking us to the mountains for the day or to the Oregon coast, because the sun was shining that day. That's probably hard for my Vegas friends to comprehend... think of trying to plan an activity for the rain... you never know when it's going to come...) John's family planned everything out... so when we got married, John would want to plan our weekends on like Tuesday and I would want to wait till Friday to see what we felt like doing... It was something that we eventually learned to compromise on. So now sometimes we plan things out way in advance and sometimes we do things spur of the moment!


Carrie said...

That sounds so fun!!! Did you end up staying at the Venetian? What a great deal! Sometimes spur of the moment is more fun because you have no time to worry about the details! Glad you had fun!
P.S. I grew up in a family of planners.

Anonymous said...


thanks for a wonderful time. You are the love of my life and I appreciate your spontaneous-ness. .

I remember planning around sunshine in Seattle. But one thing's for sure: I love you no matter if there's rain or sunshine!


Grama Linda said...

Ahhhhh, John is so sweet and you two are the perfect couple. We definitely need some more spur of the moment fun in our lives...thanks for the great example! Glad you guys had a great time.
Love You!

Edie and Luke said...

John- you are cheesy but I love you! I'm glad you guys got away for Valentines day. So when your kids get older, you ask them to watch the little ones? I see how this works. Love you guys!