Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Volleyball torunament

I had a great time at BYU's Women's Conference and I will post more about that soon... I rushed home from Provo on Saturday for Mitchell's volleyball tournament. I missed the first 3 games and it seems that I must be good luck, because they lost 2 of those games. So they got put in the silver bracket... but once I arrived they won all of their games!! They ended up taking first place in the Silver Bracket. They beat Palo for the championship game!! Good job Bonanza!!!

Mitchell is really enjoying volleyball... I am wishing that we had signed up for volleyball camp this summer... I will have to see if it's not too late. I am sad that they only have 2 games left this week. The season went so fast! They have only lost one conference game! (I missed that game too... see, I must be good luck!)

We had a great cheering section, my parents and sisters were down for baby Afton's blessing on Sunday...

I think Afton really enjoyed the game!!

Good job guys!!!

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Allison Barnes said...

you spelled tournament wrong...
-your son